Jobs for Artistic Introverts

Are you mostly introverted, but you have a very artistic mind, and you want to turn that into a career? You might be surprised by the number of potential career paths that exist for artistic introverts.

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Career Options for Artistic Introverts

Those who aren't as outgoing with their personalities but have a passion for creativity still have many options for careers in the arts. Whether it's working from home or behind the scenes, careers exist for artistically minded people who prefer to keep to themselves. Check out the chart below to find out some possible career options for artistic introverts.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Music Composer $50,110 3%
Construction and Maintenance Painter $37,570 7%
Creative Writer and Author $61,240 2%
Technical Writer $69,850 10%
Craft and Fine Artist $48,780 2%
Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician $42,550 7%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Artistic Introverts

Music Composer

Composers produce music that comes from the recesses of their mind, a perfect career for someone who prefers to stay productive on the inside without interference or meddling from others. They might even be tasked with writing lyrics for other existing pieces of music. The education requirements vary based on what kind of music you want to write. No formal education requirements exist for composers of popular music, but the sooner you start honing your craft, the better. You will want to become versatile in self-publicizing through social media, video channels, and personal websites. On the other hand, composers who plan to write classical music will typically need a master's degree.

Painter, Construction and Maintenance

If you enjoy using your artistic knack for construction in buildings and architecture, you can work as a painter in this type of setting. While you will work with other painters, the job will be your focus, and communication is not an essential job quality. Although no specific education requirements exist for construction and maintenance painters, high school courses in shop, math, and blueprint reading will come in handy.

Creative Writer and Author

The dream job for a true introvert, authors have minimal contact with others while creating their work. Aside from contacting publishing houses and agents, the only company during an author's work is often the sound of their fingers on a keyboard, or scribbling in a notebook. A variety of educational backgrounds exist, but a bachelor's degree in English is generally a good idea to make yourself marketable to those who hire writers.

Technical Writer

The name might not sound that artistic, but technical writers definitely put their own spin on documents that they create and design. Left to their own devices, the best technical writers even create standards for content across a number of different platforms. A bachelor's degree is essential to find work as a technical writer, and having some experience with computer science or Web design will also be a big help.

Craft and Fine Artist

If the idea of having a studio to yourself sounds appealing, go the do-it-yourself route and become a craft or fine artist. You can turn your own home or studio into your workplace, making anything from pottery to glassware. Fine artists often go to school for some kind of fine arts program, coming away with a bachelor's or master's degree.

Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician

These engineering technicians are required to shut out all outside noise in order to optimize volume and sound quality for broadcasting as well as live events. They install audio equipment in just about any building you can think of, including hotels and schools. Postsecondary education is required for aspiring technicians, which might come in the form of an associate degree, or another type of certificate, diploma, or nondegree award.

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