Jobs for Concrete Thinkers

Jan 18, 2020

Concrete thinkers are more likely to pursue occupations that involve working with their hands; they like to deal with physical realities, and may be interested in working in trades, transportation, agriculture or construction. Options in these fields are explored here.

Career Options for Concrete Thinkers

Concrete thinkers do not want to focus on concepts or ideas; they prefer the world they can see and touch. As a result of this preference, they may be drawn to career options that involve hands-on work with physical items. While abstract thinkers typically invent designs and products, concrete thinkers tend to be the ones who put the pieces together to make those products a reality.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Growth* (2018-2028)
Masonry Workers $44,820 11%
Construction and Maintenance Painters $38,940 6%
Bus Drivers $34,450 5%
Carpenters $46,590 8%
Farmers and Ranchers $67,950 (Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Managers) -1% (Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Managers)
Stock Clerks $25,700 2-3%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Concrete Thinkers

Masonry Workers

Masonry workers usually learn their craft while employed or through an apprenticeship, although attending a technical school is also an option. They work with bricks, stones and other materials to construct things like walls or footpaths. Concrete thinkers may appreciate a career as a masonry worker because spend a lot of their time working with physical objects with their hands.

Construction and Maintenance Painters

Construction and maintenance painters get surfaces ready to be painted and then apply primers and paint to those surfaces. These painters may work on newly constructed buildings; when painting pre-existing structures their work may also involve patching holes. They do not need any formal training to pursue this career and can be trained once employed, although technical schools do offer training programs for aspiring construction and maintenance painters. Concrete thinkers may want to consider this career option because it involves hands-on work with physical structures and products.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers operate buses on roadways and take passengers to and from locations. They might operate a tour bus for people visiting a significant historic site, or transport children to and from school. Concrete thinkers will appreciate that this occupation involves operating a motor vehicle with their hands and following traffic laws that are predetermined with preset schedules. A commercial driver's license is required to work as a bus driver.


Carpenters are woodworking professionals who use their hands to operate tools and build structures. Concrete thinkers will find this career is a good fit because carpenters follow clear plans in their work and construct physical products. They may frame a house or build furniture as part of their work. Vocational training is an option, although carpenters usually train for their careers by completing an apprenticeship.

Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers and ranchers don't need any formal postsecondary training, although they usually learn through on-the-job experience. Farmers may grow crops, while ranchers raise livestock. These careers involve hands-on work with animals or plants, and concrete thinkers may appreciate the opportunities to work with their hands while producing food products. In addition to growing crops or raising animals such as pigs or cattle, farmers and ranchers perform regular maintenance to the farm structures, water growing crops and feeding livestock.

Stock Clerks

Stock clerks do not need any formal training. They often work in warehouses or stores and are responsible for packing and unpacking products and ensuring goods that are going to be sold have arrived in good condition. Concrete thinkers will find this is a job that involves hands-on work, as they inspect materials that have been received. Their work also involves updating inventory records so that they know exactly how many physical items are on hand and where they are stored.

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