Jobs for Conscientious Personalities

Jan 20, 2020

The Big Five personality theory describes the conscientious personality type as one with self-discipline and a desire to have a plan. Learn about some careers across different fields that may be a good fit for this personality type.

Career Options for Conscientious Personalities

People with conscientious personalities are typically high-achieving due to their skills in goal-setting, organization and self-discipline. These personalities may prefer jobs that allow for methodic planning and little amounts of risk. Find out about some of the careers that may appeal to those with conscientious personalities below.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Top Executives $104,980 6%
Fundraisers $56,950 9%
Sales Managers $124,220 5%
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners $49,370 7%
Lawyers $120,910 6%
Social and Community Service Managers $65,320 13%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Careers for Conscientious Personalities

Top Executives

Some people who score high in conscientiousness may work their way up to a position as a top executive in the business world through their hard work and self-discipline. This personality type may also enjoy this position as it requires big-picture strategies and goal setting to help an organization meet its goals in various areas. Top executives are responsible for a wide range of job duties, including appointing managers, negotiating contracts, overseeing financial activities, monitoring performance indicators and finding areas for improvement. Top executives need at least a bachelor's degree and significant work experience.


A career as a fundraiser could be a good fit for a conscientious personality type as these professionals must determine fundraising goals and carefully plan how to meet these goals. This usually involves researching potential donors and reaching out to them, as well as planning fundraising events to meet with donors. Fundraisers must track and record funds as they come in and evaluate the effectiveness of different fundraisers and campaigns. They typically need at least a bachelor's degree and good communication skills.

Sales Managers

Sales managers help set goals for their sales teams and determine the best ways to reach these goals, which may appeal to a conscientious personality. These managers must determine the various sales territories and come up with ways to obtain new customers. They carefully monitor sales statistics to develop budgets and discount rates and must plan adequate training programs for their sales staff. Many of these managers have work experience as a sales representative and at least a bachelor's degree.

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

With their self-discipline and organizational skills, a career as a meeting, convention and event planner may be a good fit for a conscientious personality. These planners methodically organize every detail of large events for their clients, including the time, date, location, travel and accommodations. This typically requires them to stay in contact with a variety of vendors, handle budget issues, approve expenses and coordinate event activities the day of the event. These professionals need a bachelor's degree and some experience in hospitality.


Lawyers are also self-disciplined and must plan out the best legal actions to help their clients meet their end goals. Conscientious personalities will be very good at conducting the necessary legal research and interpreting laws on behalf of their clients. Lawyers also prepare written arguments, verbal arguments and legal documents, such as wills, contracts or deeds, for their clients. Most lawyers have to pass their state's bar exam and hold a law degree.

Social and Community Service Managers

Conscientious personalities may be good at determining a community's needs and planning how to meet those needs as a social and community service manager. These managers organize and coordinate the various community resources and programs that are available to the public, as well as plan outreach activities to make sure the community knows about the available resources. Social and community service managers constantly look for ways to improve their programs and carefully monitor the programs' effectiveness. These managers need a bachelor's or master's degree and some work experience.

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