Jobs for Introverted English Majors

There are many careers that may appeal to introverted English majors. These jobs involve research, independent study or small group work, and assessing text and writing.

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Career Options for Introverted English Majors

Since introverts prefer to work in small groups and spend time assessing information before acting, introverted English majors may prefer professions that feature research and involve a lot of writing. Below are some career options for introverted English majors, with details about each field.

Job Title Median Salary* (2016) Job Growth* (2014-2024)
Librarian $57,680 2%
Editor $57,210 -5%
Writer or Author $61,240 2%
Translator $46,120 29%
Paralegal or Legal Assistant $49,500 8%
Instructional Coordinator $62,460 7%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Career Information for Introverted English Majors


Librarians create or maintain library collections and programs, help people locate specific materials, and determine which materials their library will buy. While there are some social aspects to a librarian's profession, introverts should appreciate the time librarians spend researching materials and assessing these items for the library's collections. English majors may be drawn to this field because they can work directly with books and other printed materials as part of their profession. Librarians need to earn a master's degree in library science, which can be earned following a bachelor's degree, including in English.


Editors review written materials and inform the writer about necessary corrections or offer recommendations for improvement. In some cases they may make corrections themselves, or even revise some of the written material. English majors are ideally suited for a career as an editor, because editors need a strong understanding of English language rules. Introverts will enjoy the opportunity to work independently, and they will also find that when they work with writers they often provide feedback one on one, allowing for the small group dynamics introverts prefer. A bachelor's degree in English is needed to become an editor, and previous experience as a proofreader is preferred.

Writer or Author

Writers and authors spend their time working on written materials. This can involve research, which is a component of writing that should appeal to introverts. Writers and authors often work alone while completing most of their tasks, and this is also ideal for introverts. English majors will appreciate the opportunities to use their English language skills and present original material in written form. A bachelors' degree in English is usually required to become an author or writer.


Translators take information written in one language and present that information in another language. Translators specifically focus on written materials, and English majors may find this an appealing career. This job involves independent work and analysis of text to ensure that context and tone are correctly conveyed, which will suit introverts. While it is important that translators are fluent in two languages, a bachelor's degree is often required and an English major would be suitable.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Paralegals and legal assistants work with lawyers, drafting legal documents and researching factors that are relevant to the needs of clients. The opportunity for research will appeal to introverts, because of the solitary work developing legal materials or strategies. English majors may find this to be a good career because of the regular opportunities to write materials, and because it utilizes their strong communication and analytical skills. It's possible to enter this field with an associate's degree in paralegal studies, or to earn a certificate in paralegal studies after completing a bachelor's degree, including as an English major.

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators often start their careers as teachers or school administrators. They decide what materials will be taught in schools and develop the curriculum that schools will use. This is a career that may appeal to English majors because instructional coordinators spend a fair bit of time reviewing materials, assessing their merit, and then creating curriculum plans involving writing guidelines and teaching strategies. Introverts will appreciate the opportunities to assess materials and develop recommendations, and working independently or with a small group. After completing a bachelor's degree, including as an English major, an instructional coordinator must have a master's degree and prior experience in education.

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