Jobs for Introverts That Pay Well

Jan 19, 2020

Introverted individuals may gravitate towards careers that minimize the amount of time they have to spend interacting with others. We will discuss a few career options that fit this criteria and have good salary potential.

Career Options for Introverts that Pay Well

Individuals who tend to be more introverted may be looking for a career path that doesn't involve heavy interaction with other people on a regular basis. Luckily, there are a number of jobs that fit this description from a wide range of industries, many of which also pay well. We will look at a few of these career options below.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Actuary $102,880 20%
Commercial Pilot $82,240 8%
Technical Writer $71,850 8%
Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck Driver $43,680 5%
Web Developer $69,430 13%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Information About Careers for Introverts that Pay Well


As an actuary, you will usually be employed by a business or company that wants to find out the risks or likelihood of various events occurring, like workplace injuries or bad investments, by gathering data and running statistical analysis tests. You will do most of your work on a computer and may only need to interact with people to share your findings, making this a good option for introverts. To become an actuary, you will need a bachelor's degree in a field like statistics or actuarial science. These professionals made a median salary of $102,880 in 2018.

Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots are individuals who are responsible for flying planes for purposes typically outside of mass passenger transport, like aerial and photography tours or charter flights. These professionals usually work in small teams, making it a good job for an introvert, and are often responsible for tasks like loading and unloading the plane, making a schedule, and maintaining the aircraft. To become a commercial pilot, you will need to obtain a commercial pilot's license by attending flight training through colleges or flight schools. Commercial pilots made a median salary of $82,240 in 2018.

Technical Writer

As a technical writer, some of you writing projects may include creating how-to guides, instruction materials for products, and other detail-oriented articles that help users to more easily understand the technical information. These writers often work for companies, though many of them are self-employed or work on a contractual basis; this may be an ideal situation for introverts, since it would allow you to work primarily on your own. To become a technical writer, you will need a bachelor's degree, often in a field like English or journalism, though some technical writers may need a background in topics like engineering or computer science depending on the types of projects they are assigned. Technical writing is a lucrative career choice, and these writers made a median salary of $71,850 in 2018.

Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck Driver

A heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver is responsible for driving large trucks very long distances in order to transport shipments of various goods and products. This job may be a good fit for an introvert, since drivers either travel solo or in teams of two working in shifts where one person sleeps while the other drives. Truck drivers made a median salary of $43,680 in 2018, higher than the national median for all jobs of $37,040 and some drivers in the top 10% of earners in the field made $63,140 or more. To become a truck driver, you will need to attend a professional truck-driving school and earn a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Web Developer

Web developers are the minds behind the creation of websites. They work with clients to understand the purpose of a website, what kinds of features it should how, and the way that it should look. After understanding a client's vision for the site, web developers are able to complete the rest of their work alone, sometimes as self-employed workers, making this a good option for technical-minded introverts. To become a web developer, you will generally only need an associate's degree in a related field, along with knowledge of topics like HTML programming and various programming languages. Web developers made a median salary of $69,430 in 2018.

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