Jobs for Introverts with ADHD

Having ADHD and being introverted doesn't necessarily limit your future job options. There are many things you can do that allow you to work on a variety of tasks with limited amounts of people.

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Job Options for Introverts with ADHD

Having ADHD means that an individual may have trouble paying attention, be overly active, and act on impulses. These characteristics, combined with an introverted personality, indicate that jobs with a lot of variety but low exposure to crowds might be most appropriate. Below you will find a list of job options for introverts with ADHD.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Material Mover $24,880 (for all hand laborers and material movers) 5% (for all hand laborers and material movers)
Construction Laborer $33,430 13%
Veterinary Technician $32,490 (for all veterinary technologists and technicians) 19% (for all veterinary technologists and technicians)
Janitor $24,190 (for all janitors and building cleaners) 6% (for all janitors and building cleaners)
Forester $58,700 8%
Surveyor $59,390 -2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Information for Introverts with ADHD

Material Mover

Material movers transport items, largely packages and freight, from one place to another. They load and unload cargo, prepare items for shipment, keep records, and so on. Material movers usually perform a lot of manual labor, such as crawling, lifting, bending, and crouching, which keeps them busy and focuses their energy, good for someone with ADHD. They may work with others, but since they are not continually meeting strangers, this job might also work well for an introvert. Material movers need no formal education, but they do need to be physically able to do the work.

Construction Laborer

Construction laborers do a lot of different activities on construction sites. They carry off debris and hazardous materials, unload materials, operate equipment, dig ditches and fill holes. This variety of tasks works for someone with ADHD, and since construction workers focus on their work rather than constantly interact with others, it might suffice for an introvert as well. Construction laborers don't need formal education.

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians work under the supervision of a veterinarian and assist him or her by performing many different tasks. They conduct laboratory tests and help perform diagnostic tests. They often answer questions asked by pet owners and help them learn how to give medications. Veterinary technicians work in many different capacities and with many different animals, making this might work for someone with ADHD; considering that they work mainly with animals and familiar staff, this job works for introverts too. Veterinary technicians need an associate's degree and a state-issued registeration, license, or certification.


Janitors clean buildings so that schools, office buildings, and similar properties remain in good order. They perform duties like cleaning up messes, maintaining clean floors, and emptying trash. They often work after hours when no one is around. Both the variety of tasks and tendency to work after everyone is gone makes this a great position for introverts with ADHD. They don't need any formal education and get trained once they start working.


Foresters work inside the woods to make sure that conversation efforts are going smoothly. They oversee the work of conservation workers, get ready to plant new trees, make sure forest fires don't erupt, and think of ways to minimally invade the forest when trees need to be cut down. Foresters spend a lot of time either in their offices or out in the field, working alone if their base is in a remote location. The diversity of job tasks and option to work in open spaces outside is something an introvert with ADHD might be interested in. Foresters need a bachelor's in this field.


Surveyors are trained to measure property lines for different purposes such as of settling boundary disputes. There tasks also include researching records, making maps and reports of their findings, traveling to sites, and measuring angles and distances. They usually work outside alone or in teams. The range of tasks and probability of working with only a few people at a time makes this a good position for an introvert with ADHD. Surveyors need a bachelor's degree and a state-issued license.

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