Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety

Introverts may gain energy from careers that allow them to work alone, and these positions may be also be preferred by those dealing with anxiety. Learn about a few of the possible job options for these individuals across different fields.

Career Options for Introverts with Anxiety

Introverts with anxiety may fear how others perceive them and feel awkward in social situations. Therefore, these individuals may prefer to have jobs that allow them to work alone, require attention to detail and may allow for some creative thinking. Below is a table of a few jobs that may be a good fit for introverts with anxiety.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Animal Trainers $27,690 11%
Fine Artists $50,790 3%
Statisticians $80,500 34%
Technical Writers $69,850 10%
Photographers $34,070 3%
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians $38,950 18%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety

Animal Trainers

An animal trainer usually works alone to train a particular animal to respond to signals. They may use hand signals, voice commands, whistles and more to get the desired response. Animal trainers may interact a little with an animal's owner, but this position allows them to use creative thinking and repetition to train animals, like dogs, horses or even marine mammals. They may train animals for competition or entertainment purposes, as well as service animals for those with special needs. Working with animals may even serve as a kind of therapy and provide peace for an anxious introvert. Most animal trainers just need a high school diploma, but some positions may require a bachelor's degree.

Fine Artists

A career as a fine artist would allow an introvert with anxiety to express their creativity through a wide range of artistic styles and media. These artists may specialize in areas like painting, glassblowing, drawing and sculpting. They create pieces to add to their professional portfolio and then sell or display them. Most fine artists work alone on their creations, and the creative process could serve as a kind of therapy for stress or anxiety. They typically have a bachelor's or master's degree in the field to learn and perfect the techniques and skills of their specialization.


Statisticians are an excellent career choice for anyone who is good at and enjoys math and analyzing data. These professionals specialize in using statistical methods to answer questions and solve real-world problems in a variety of fields, including business, healthcare, science and more. They may help design surveys and polls to gather data, analyze it and then report their findings to management or clients. Introverts with anxiety may find comfort in working with numbers and having little social interactions in this position. Most statisticians need at least a master's degree, but positions exist that require only a bachelor's degree or a Ph.D.

Technical Writers

Technical writers specialize in writing detailed and complex pieces of written content. Their work may involve some research as they write things like instruction manuals, journal articles and how-to-guides. They also use charts, pictures or diagrams to help explain their work and may need to update or edit their work as feedback or new issues arise with the product or subject they are writing about. Technical writers may work in a small team on a particular project, but most of their work is accomplished individually and requires attention to detail, which may be attractive to anxious introverts. They typically need a college degree, and experience in a technical field, such as engineering or computer science, is preferred.


Photographers are responsible for capturing images, usually with a digital camera. Their work may record an event or tell a story, especially in the case of fine arts photography that allows for the most creative freedom. Other styles of photography include scientific, aerial, portrait and news photography. Fine arts photography may appeal to introverts with anxiety, as it usually allows the photographer to work alone in a studio or outside to capture images of whatever subject they please. Photographers use lighting techniques and photo-enhancing software to create their desired images, which they likely add to their professional portfolio. They do not usually need a degree, but some styles of photography, such as scientific photography, may require additional training through a bachelor's degree program.

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians

Medical and clinical laboratory technicians typically work independently in a laboratory setting and have few social interactions, which again may be of interest to an anxious introvert. They help medical scientists collect, test and analyze various biological samples, such as blood, tissues or body fluids. These technicians are trained to use high-tech lab equipment and take detailed, accurate notes about the testing procedures they use and their findings. Medical and clinical laboratory technicians may specialize in a particular area, including microbiology, immunology and clinical chemistry. They usually need an associate's degree or certificate, and some states may require a license.

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