Jobs for Marine Corps (USMC) Vets

Nov 20, 2020

Veterans know that the Marine Corps doesn't rest on its past success and traditions. Programs like the Marine Corps Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE) show that the Marines are leaders in the integration of technology, management, human resources, and data. Below, veterans will find civilian careers where Marine values stand out.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2019)* Job Growth (2019-2029)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Administrative Services Managers $96,940 6% Leadership and problem-solving skills
Construction Managers $95,260 8% Experience organizing teams and managing budgets
Software Developers $107,510 22% Experience with programming and analysis
Training and Development Managers $113,350 7% Leadership, training experience
Industrial Engineering Technicians $56,550 1% Hands-on technical military experience
Police and Detectives $65,170 5% Firearms handling, first aid, safety training
EMT and Paramedics $35,400 6% First aid, safety training, driving maneuvers

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top Careers for Marine Corps Veterans

Civilian businesses and government corporations find Marine Corps veterans have some great skills and traits that are highly valued. Projects like the Marines' Lean Start-up, a 12-week program to encourage those involved in technology to keep it customer-centered, effective, moving forward, and out the door. This is just one example of the thoughtful, deliberate, and effective training Marine Corps veterans bring with them. This may give Marine veterans an advantage in the job market.

Administrative Services Managers

Marine Corps veterans with experience managing teams both in combat and in the more sedate office world may find this career a good fit. Many veterans have experience anticipating bottlenecks and solving minor problems before they become a crisis, and that is what this job requires.

The duties of administrative services managers vary greatly, depending upon the size of the company and the mission. In smaller companies the role may consist of stocking supplies, handling the mail, and ensuring that management has the tools it needs. In larger companies the job can become considerably more complex and requires managing systems in multiple locations with hundreds or even thousands of personnel. This position typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Construction Managers

The Marine Corps does more construction than one might think. Operations in new areas always require a base, and existing facilities require constant improvement. Veterans with a bachelor's degree and experience working as supervisors or managing projects may find this a good career choice.

Construction managers are responsible for running construction sites. They plan the schedules of the various personnel and subcontractors, plan the ordering of material, and oversee the execution of the project. They also develop the project's budget and timeline. The role of construction manager is a vital leadership position in which the coordination of personnel, materials, and equipment can make the difference in the success of the project.

Software Developers

Marine Corps veterans with experience writing code and designing programs may find that software development holds a lot of opportunity. Software developers design information systems that are used on computers and mobile devices. They write the code that makes all of those systems run. Software developers may work on systems for inventory and billing, technical support, and many more areas. Software developers will need a bachelor's degree in a programming-related field.

Training and Development Managers

Many people would acknowledge that the Marine Corps has best-in-class training and education programs. That knowledge is valuable in the civilian world and Marine Corps veterans with training experience may find many civilian opportunities.

Training and development managers coordinate training programs for incoming and existing staff. They oversee ongoing career enhancement training for employees and management. In large companies they may develop training materials for specialized processes. This position requires a bachelor's degree, although it can be in a range of fields and not management specific.

Industrial Engineering Technicians

This may be a good career choice for Marine Corps veterans who have experience managing budgets, inventories, personnel, and production or repair departments. Veterans with statistical and mathematical skills are most likely to do well in this position.

The role of the industrial engineering technician is to assist and support the engineer. Industrial engineers plan and coordinate all the units and factors within a production facility. This can include, parts, materials, specific machinery, personnel, and energy. Industrial engineering technicians take all of this information and plan workflows and budgets, as well as preparing reports on compliance for the engineers in charge. Industrial engineering technicians will need an associate's degree in a related technical field.

Police and Detectives

Police departments across the country often seek out military veterans. This is because the same qualities that make a great Marine--commitment, honor, courage--are in large part the same traits that make a great police officer. Police departments may even offer veterans extras, like entry exam points, age limit adjustments, and retirement points.

Police are charged with keeping the peace in cities across America. They differ from detectives in that they generally serve on patrol and respond immediately to events and situations as they occur. Police officers interact with the public, patrolling to prevent crime and intervening in situations to prevent or deescalate conflicts. Candidates must possess a high school diploma and will need to complete academy training.

EMTs and Paramedics

Marine training in first aid and emergency response could be a great start to a career as an emergency medical technician. The ability to respond quickly and appropriately in life-or-death situations is invaluable in this career.

Emergency medical technicians are first responders in emergency situations. They provide first aid and stabilization on sight, and during transfer to an appropriate hospital if necessary. A college degree is not required, but certifications and training are necessary. Many Marine veterans may be able to complete these requirements for certification during active duty.

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