Jobs for Neurotic Personalities

Jan 22, 2018

If your personality mirrors those associated with the Big Five personality trait of neuroticism, including anxiety and vulnerability, you can explore some of the best career options for your unique tendencies.

Career Options for Neurotic Personalities

The Big Five Personality Test has become a standard in psychology for describing groups of personality tendencies. Of the five personality types, 'neuroticism' is a trait that is defined by the tendency to be self-critical, respond to challenges with negativity, and to be highly sensitive to criticism from others. Explore five career options that are ideal for individuals who have neurotic personalities.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-26)*
Librarians $57,680 9%
Writers and Authors $61,240 8%
Food Scientists $62,920 (Agricultural and Food Scientists) 7% (Agricultural and Food Scientists)
Graphic Designers $47,640 5%
Massage Therapists $39,860 24%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Neurotic Personalities


Upon earning a master's degree in library science, individuals who work as librarians perform duties such as assisting library visitors with their needs, organizing library material, teaching classes offered by the library, and selecting new material. The nature of the work is not fast-paced or full of intense challenges, which makes this position highly suitable for the neurotic personality type. Since libraries are quiet places, the calm atmosphere is more conducive to helping neurotic personalities react to problems more constructively, and to help reduce one's overall anxiety level.

Writers and Authors

Throughout history, many famous writers and authors have earned the reputation of having neurotic personality tendencies. This is no surprise, as those with neurotic personalities often find satisfaction in writing books, articles, blog posts, and scripts. Some types of writing may require a bachelor's degree. Criticism from editors is not usually public, making it easier to digest than other forms of criticism in the workplace. Also, the flexible schedule that many writers enjoy allows them time to work on new challenges at their own pace, which can help support a more positive response to problems, as well as reduced anxiety.

Food Scientists

After receiving a bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study, those who become food scientists study ways to enhance the process of packaging and delivering foods. They also perform research with the goal of creating crops that are more sustainable. Many food scientists work with little supervision, which can reduce feelings of inadequacy on the job related to pressures from a supervisor. The independent nature of the work performed also reduces the frequency of criticism, which can be beneficial for those with a neurotic personality.

Graphic Designers

Those who have earned a relevant bachelor's degree can work as a graphic designer, which serves as another creative career that is an exceptional fit for neurotic personalities. Graphic designers spend their days using the latest software to create stunning logos, posters, brochures, and images. Since the majority of these duties are completed independently, there are fewer opportunities for neurotic personalities to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and criticized. Instead, graphic designers dedicate most of their time to focusing on the projects at hand.

Massage Therapists

Once they have completed the required education and earned any necessary licenses or certifications, massage therapists get to work with clients in a calm, one-on-one setting that is ideal for neurotic personalities. Using their knowledge, individuals who work in this role speak with clients about their concerns and help relieve muscle pain through special massage techniques. Massage therapists work in low-anxiety environments with calming music and few intense demands, which helps avoid common issues that can occur for those with the neuroticism personality trait.

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