Jobs for People Who Like to Solve Problems

Jan 18, 2020

If you like to solve problems, you are probably well-suited for many different kinds of jobs. You may want to work in emergency response, or you may enjoy a career solving math problems.

Job Options for People who Like to Solve Problems

There are many jobs available for people who like to solve problems. Problem solving is a skill that fits with a diverse segment of careers. Below is a snapshot of what jobs might be suited for people who like to solve problems.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Mathematician $101,900 30%
Retail Sales Supervisor $38,550 (for all first-line supervisors of retail sales workers) -2% (for all first-line supervisors of retail sales workers)
Administrative Assistant $38,880 (for all secretaries and administrative assistants) -7% (for all secretaries and administrative assistants)
Operations Manager $104,980 (for all general and operations managers) 7% (for all general and operations managers)
Paramedic $34,320(for all EMTs and paramedics) 7% (for all EMTs and paramedics)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Information for People who Like to Solve Problems


Mathematicians spend their time solving math problems to offer a deeper understanding of mathematical equations and theories or to discover answers to real-world math problems. Mathematicians may use math theories in conjunction with teams of others to solve problems in many industries, such as chemistry or automobiles. Their data interpretations can also help in business decision-making. Mathematicians typically need a master's degree or Ph.D. to work with private organizations, but mathematicians working in the federal government just need a bachelor's to get started.

Retail Sales Supervisor

Retail sales supervisors work in retail stores and manage teams of workers as well as oversee other functions of running a store, like budgeting or purchasing. They might need to solve interpersonal problems among employees as well as problems with customers throughout their day, so liking to solve problems works well in this occupation. They need a high school diploma and several years' experience working in retail.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants must perform many tasks in a work day, such as getting paperwork organized and prepared for staff, organizing records, sending out memos, managing schedules, and so on. An affinity for solving problems works well in this job because when administrative assistants encounter problems, such as clerical errors or disgruntled staff members, they need to be able to resolve them quickly. Administrative assistants generally need at least a high school diploma with some college coursework in relevant skills, like word processing or working with spreadsheets.

Operations Manager

Operations managers are in charge of the operations of a company or organization. The scope of their position is quite large. They must manage daily activities carried out by a company as well as make policies and plan how to use resources. The enjoyment of solving problems would come in handy in this occupation because their job is to help organizations succeed, meaning they must make sure everything runs smoothly. Operations managers usually need at least a bachelor's degree through a Master of Business Administration (MBA) may be needed to become a top executive.


Paramedics take care of people who are sick or injured in an emergency. They are trained to quickly evaluate a patient's condition and offer enough treatment to get them to more permanent care, usually a hospital. They ride in ambulances and travel to emergency sites. Paramedics perform many of the same tasks as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), but their training is more in-depth, so they are able to administer medication and use monitoring machines. Liking to solve problems is useful in this job because their job is all about solving enough problems to save lives. Paramedics need CPR certification and often an associate's degree, as well as state licensing.

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