Jobs for People Who Speak Multiple Languages

Jan 19, 2020

Individuals who speak several foreign languages may want to use this skill in their career. They may be interested in careers in travel, education, communications or government, where foreign language skills may be required or can be an asset.

Career Options for People Who Speak Multiple Languages

People who speak several languages are able to communicate with people from different parts of the world directly. These linguistic abilities can be an asset for professionals whose work requires them to travel regularly or who work with people from different countries around the world. Take a look at some of the jobs that may be of interest to people who speak multiple languages.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Job Outlook* (2018-2028)
Tour Guides and Escorts $26,570 7%
Anthropologists and Archeologists $62,410 10%
Postsecondary Foreign Language Teachers $67,640 8%
Interpreters and Translators $49,930 19%
Travel Agents $38,700 -6%
Flight Attendants $56,000 10%
Top Executives $104,980 6%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People Who Speak Multiple Languages

Tour Guides and Escorts

Tour guides and escorts do not necessarily need any postsecondary training. They take people on tours, which may involves leading them to different sites to explain its significance or leading them through a venue and introducing exhibits. Individuals who are able to speak several languages may have an advantage when entering this career field because they'll be able to interact with tourists in their native language and answer their questions more effectively.

Anthropologists and Archeologists

Anthropologists and archeologists are researchers who focus on learning about people and civilizations from the past. Linguistic anthropologists specifically focus on how communication has evolved, so the ability to speak several languages can be an asset when they're studying the development of communication systems. It can also help archeologists because they frequently travel to different parts of the world to locate artifacts. Entry-level jobs in this field require a master's degree, while advanced positions require applicants to have a doctoral degree.

Postsecondary Foreign Language Teachers

Individuals who speak several foreign languages may be drawn to the field of education so that they can teach others these languages. To teach at the postsecondary level it's necessary to have at least a master's degree, although a doctoral degree is required at most institutions. Postsecondary foreign language teachers plan lessons and work with their students to help them master the ability to speak and read in foreign languages.

Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators must be fluent in more than one language, so this is a career that's ideally suited for individuals who can speak several languages. A bachelor's degree is typically required in this field. Interpreters and translators take information that's presented in one language and convey that information in another language. Interpreters focus on providing verbal translations of speech, while translators study written text and then present it in written form in a different language.

Travel Agents

Travel agents help people make travel arrangements, such as booking flights or hotel rooms. There may be times that travel agents benefit from being able to contact travel service providers overseas so that they can secure the right accommodations for a client or get the best deal. Individuals who can speak several languages will be able to communicate directly with overseas professionals in the travel industry. They will also have an advantage because they'll be able to communicate more effectively with tourists who need their services while visiting the United States. It's possible to become a travel agent with computer skills and a high school diploma.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants look after passengers on airplanes. On-the-job training and Federal Aviation Administration certification are required, although college studies can be an asset in this career. Since flight attendants work with people from all around the world, those who speak multiple languages will be able to effectively communicate with passengers who do not speak English.

Top Executives

Top executives oversee operations of an organization and may work for corporations or governments with international travel. They may have regular communication with other politicians or business executives from around the world, and speaking multiple languages can be helpful. These executives typically need work experience and a bachelor's degree, but those who speak several foreign languages will be ideal candidates for positions.

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