Jobs for People with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Jan 18, 2020

For the person with anxiety and panic attacks, the work environment may only serve to exacerbate the problem. Finding the right workplace can be instrumental in controlling attacks. In this article, we'll explore some good career choices for the person with anxiety and panic attacks.

Career Options for People with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

A person with anxiety and panic attacks has a high level of anxiety, which can sometimes lead to an acute panic attack where the sufferer feels so much panic it often feels like they are dying. The best work environments are those with low noise, low stress, few interactions with people, and not many interruptions or distractions. Below are some good career choices for people with anxiety and panic attacks.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Landscape Architects $68,230 4%
Animal Care and Service Workers $23,950 16%
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors $44,630 22%
Food Preparation Workers $23,730 8%
Janitors $26,110 7%
Writers and Authors $62,170 0%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Landscape Architects

A landscape architect designs spaces for outdoor areas such as golf courses, parks, and residential areas. This is a good career choice for those with anxiety and panic because it offers a quiet working environment with lots of time spent outdoors. To become a landscape architect, you generally need a bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture as well as a passing score on the Landscape Architect Registration Examination.

Animal Care and Service Workers

An animal care and service worker provides basic care to animals such as grooming, feeding, and watering. Working with animals has been shown to be therapeutic for people with anxiety, making it a good option for those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Working as an animal care and service worker usually requires only a high school diploma.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors

Helping other people can be a great way to combat anxiety. Additionally, you are in a unique position to understand some of the struggles people may be going through. Being a substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor involves working one-on-one or in groups to help people overcome problems with addiction or other behavioral health issues. Most jobs as a counselor require a bachelor's degree. However, some may require a master's degree.

Food Preparation Workers

A food prep worker takes direction from a head cook but works independently, mostly, preparing food ingredients. This may involve chopping vegetables, slicing meat and cheese, boiling pasta, etc. While working in a busy kitchen can be stressful, being a prep cook usually means working behind the scenes and having little interaction with others. Food preparation workers are usually required to have a high school diploma and may receive on-the-job training.


Many janitors of office buildings work night hours after everyone has gone home. Janitors enjoy a quiet working environment, which may be perfect for the anxiety sufferer. Some janitors may also work outside mowing lawns or shoveling snow. Janitor positions generally require a high school diploma.

Writers and Authors

Writers create written content for a variety of sources. These may include magazines, websites, newspapers, books and the like. Writers may work from home, which may make for a quiet work environment thereby reducing anxiety. You'll generally need a bachelor's degree in English, journalism, or communications to work as a writer or author.

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