Jobs for People with Enneagram Type 4 Personality

Jan 17, 2020

Of the nine Enneagram personality types, type 4 is introspective and creative. This makes them prime candidates for jobs that involve the arts or helping others understand their own emotions. Discover more about job options for this type.

Career Options for People with Enneagram Type 4 Personality

People with Enneagram type 4 personality are honest and creative, but they also tend to be moody. They are sensitive and introspective as well as a bit dramatic, making for good employees in the arts and other creative careers. Below is a list of some good career options for people with an Enneagram type 4 personality.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Yoga Instructor $39,820 (for all fitness trainers and instructors) 13% (for all fitness trainers and instructors)
Actor $17.54 per hour 1%
Musician $28.15 per hour (for all musicians and singers) 0% (for all musicians and singers)
Fine Artist $50,790 1%
Marriage and Family Therapist $50,090 22%
Photographer $34,000 -6%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People with Enneagram Type 4 Personality

Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors work with groups interested in learning how to do yoga. They must have experience practicing yoga and be able to develop their own routines, a creative part of the job that is good for someone with an Enneagram type 4 personality. They are also strong motivators during class sessions. Yoga instructors, which are a type of group fitness instructors, often work at gyms. They usually only need experience with yoga and certification unique to the gym where they want to get hired. Sometimes they need to be certified in CPR and first aid as well.


Actors work in theaters and on sets for recorded entertainment, such as television, movies, or commercials. They may also play roles in non-recorded settings, such as at theme parks. Their job is to interpret and portray characters found in the scripts directors give them, a creative ability perfect for someone with an Enneagram type 4 personality. They usually need some type of formal education in drama, but no college degree is necessary.


Musicians spend their time writing songs and composing and playing music. This is a very creative endeavor that is suitable for the introspective nature of someone with an Enneagram type 4 personality. They usually play for live audiences or in recording studios. Although no formal degree is needed, many musicians seek out formal training at universities because this occupation requires very strong skills and vast knowledge in order to be successful.

Fine Artist

Fine artists can focus on different specialties within the art form, such as becoming masters of painting landscapes or portraits, sketch artists, sculptors, or illustrators. Although no formal degree is necessary, most fine artists master their skills in higher education environments, many obtaining bachelor's or master's degrees in their art form. Such close integration with creativity is optimal for Enneagram type 4 personalities.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapists assist people in overcoming obstacles in their lives, especially related to interpersonal and family relationships. They listen to patients, attempt to help them understand their personal motivations, and offer strategies for overcoming their issues. Enneagram type 4 personalities are good in this occupation because of how introspective and well-acquainted with their own emotions they tend to be. Marriage and family therapists need at least a master's degree and licensing.

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