Jobs for People with ESTP Personality Type (MBTI)

Jan 16, 2020

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment can help people understand their work and lifestyle preferences and the strengths of their personality. The characteristics of an ESTP personality type will be explored here, as well as some ideal career choices for people with this personality type.

Career Options for ESTP Personality Types

ESTP personality types are extroverts. Sensing, thinking and perceiving are their strengths. They're known for being persuasive and personable, and they have an ability to influence others, which means that they can be good leaders. Strong communication and analytical skills are other assets of the ESTP personality type, and they have the ability to assume leadership in emergency situations. Listed below are some jobs that are a good fit for these individuals.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Growth* (2018-2028)
Actor $17.54 per hour 1%
Athlete $50,650 annually 6%
Coach $33,780 annually (coaches and scouts) 11% (coaches and scouts)
EMT and Paramedic $34,320 annually 7%
Landscape Architect $68,230 annually 4%
Marketing Manager $132,620 annually 8%
Police Officer $63,380 annually (police and sheriff's patrol officers) 5% (police and sheriff's patrol officers)
Sales Manager $124,220 annually 5%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for ESTP Personality Types


Actors perform roles. They may appear in a commercial, star on a TV show, perform in the theater or act in a movie. ESTP personality types can be effective actors because their strong communication skills enable them to effectively express a character's emotions and motivations. They also like to take initiative, which benefits actors because they need to continually network and find new roles. Many actors complete some sort of formal training, either through individual classes or bachelor's degree programs, to prepare for a career in this field.


Athletes need to be skilled at a particular sport in order to play that sport professionally, whether individually or as part of a team. They need to practice regularly and work under the direction of a coach. Since ESTP personality types thrive on action and getting things done, those that are athletic may excel at sports. ESTP personality types are also analytical, and that can help athletes assess their strengths and weaknesses in their performance so that they can improve their athletic skills. They do not need any formal education to work as an athlete.


Coaches utilize the analytical skills that ESTP personality types possess; part of their job is reviewing the athletes they work with and figuring out their individual strengths, as well as areas they need to focus on to improve their performance. Coaches also rely on good communication skills, and since ESTP personality types are strong communicators who are capable of motivating others, they can be very effective in a career as a coach. A bachelor's degree is usually needed for a coaching career, and most coaches have prior experience as an athlete.

EMTs and Paramedics

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics respond to emergencies and provide medical care. Since ESTP personality types thrive on action and taking leadership, they excel in emergency situations. Their analytical skills are also an asset as they assess injuries and determine the most effective treatment. EMTs and paramedics need to be licensed and complete one to two years of postsecondary training to enter this career field.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects need at least a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture, and most states also require landscape architects to become licensed. Landscape architects design outdoor areas, such as parks or school grounds. Part of their job involves talking with clients to determine their needs and then communicating with the clients about the proposed plans. They also have to be able to solve problems, assess the area they're working with, consider the budget and think about the wishes of their client, which gives them an opportunity to use the analytical skills ESTP personality types are known for. The job also requires them to take on a leadership role, which is another strength of ESTP personality types.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers need a bachelor's degree, and they also need to have the abilities to analyze information, communicate effectively and make decisions. These are all areas where ESTP personality types excel, which makes this an ideal career for those interested in studying buying trends and market research in an effort to identify new markets and influence the way an organization's products are developed and sold.

Police Officer

Police officers can be involved in talking to victims of crimes, those who've witnessed a crime, and others who may have information about a matter that's being investigated. Since ESTP personality types are strong communicators, they can be very effective with these responsibilities. Their natural leadership skills can also be utilized in a career as a police officer, since police officers must take initiative, help people and assume leadership in emergency situations. Police officers need to complete police academy training; they may benefit from a degree, but some may enter the field with a high school diploma.

Sales Manager

A bachelor's degree is usually necessary to become a sales manager, as well as prior experience in sales. Sales managers play a crucial role in training their sales staff, creating strategies to attract customers and addressing customer concerns. In order to be effective in these tasks, they need strong communication skills, which is something that ESTP personality types have. Their ability to interact effectively with others and take action can also make them effective managers.

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