Jobs for People with ISFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

Jan 17, 2020

ISFP stands for introverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving, and people with this personality type may prefer careers that let them work independently and be creative. Good job options for ISFPs tend to be more cooperative than competitive.

Career Options for ISFP Personality Types

ISFP personality types appreciate jobs that don't restrict them with schedules, traditions or conventions. They are artistic and motivated by their own values and visions, and they tend to live in the moment. ISFP personality types like to work with their hands on practical and service-oriented tasks, and it's important that their work be meaningful to them. See more about a few suitable job options below.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Growth* (2018-2028)
Craft and Fine Artists $48,960 annually 1%
Music Directors and Composers $49,630 annually 1%
Musicians and Singers $28.15 per hour 0% (little to no change)
Interior Designer $53,370 annually 4%
Forest and Conservation Workers $27,460 annually -3% (decline)
Chefs and Head Cooks $48,460 annually 11%
Photographer $34,000 annually -6% (decline)
Fashion Designer $72,720 annually 1%
Landscape Architect $68,230 annually 4%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for ISFP Personality Types

Craft and Fine Artists

Sculptors, painters, tattoo artists and illustrators are just some of the professionals in the craft and fine artists career field. Although these artists do not necessarily need formal postsecondary training, one of the key ways that they obtain work is by developing a portfolio, and they can do this while pursuing a fine arts degree. ISFP personality types are natural artists and will appreciate the opportunity to work independently on their own schedules, to be creative and to realize their own visions.

Music Directors and Composers

A bachelor's or master's degree is required for a career as a music director or composer, though composers of popular music may not need any postsecondary education. Music directors and composers decide what music will be performed, oversee practices with their musicians to prepare for live performances and sometimes write their own music. ISFPs with musical talent may be drawn to the personal freedom and artistry of this career, as well as the cooperation necessary for large musical groups.

Musicians and Singers

Musicians and singers also need musical talent. Those interested in performing in the opera or performing classical music may need a degree, though not all positions require formal education. ISFP personality types are ideally suited for a career as a musician or singer because they will enjoy the opportunity to be creative, to cooperate with other performers and to live in the moment while performing.

Interior Designer

Since ISFP personality types enjoy creative, practical tasks, they will likely enjoy a career as an interior designer. They need a bachelor's degree to work in this field. Interior designers meet with clients and develop proposals for how to set up a space. They have to consider the needs of the client, as well as their budget, and then figure out what types of furniture and fixtures can be used in the space. ISFP personality types will enjoy the fact that interior designers may work independently at times, take advantage of their creative skills and personal aethetic, and provide a service to others.

Forest and Conservation Workers

Forest and conservation workers may be involved in clearing trails, cutting trees, planting new trees and spraying insecticides. The work they do ensures that forests are healthy and maintained properly. ISFP personality types can thrive in this type of work because they get to work with their hands, and they also may work independently; ISFPs also tend to enjoy nature. Forest and conservation workers don't need formal postsecondary training to get started in this career field; they need a driver's license and high school diploma, and they typically learn through on-the-job training.

Chefs and Head Cooks

It's possible to pursue a career as a chef or head cook with on-the-job training, although it's also possible to pursue a degree in the culinary arts. The responsibilities of chefs and head cooks may include preparing food, creating recipes and training other cooks. ISFP personality types may enjoy this profession because they get to work with their hands and tackle projects directly. Chefs and head cooks also get to tap into the ISFP's creativity and artistry, because they need to be creative when developing recipes and menus.


Photographers use photographic equipment to capture images. They may take portraits of pets or people, and they only need a high school diploma and the ability to use photographic equipment to enter the job market. Those that are interested in photojournalism, which involves photographing newsworthy events, people and locations, are usually expected to have a bachelor's degree. Photographers may spend a lot of time working independently on their own schedule while they set up shots and capture images, and this will appeal to ISFP personality types. Nature or animal photography may be particularly appealing to ISFPs.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers must be creative and have a strong aesthetic, which is a key characteristic of ISFP personality types. Independent work may be a component of their career, since fashion designers need to spend time developing their design plans, and this will also appeal to the ISFP. They create fashion products, such as clothing and accessories, and showcase their work. A bachelor's degree is necessary to work in this field.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are professionals who are involved in designing outdoor spaces, such as parks and recreation areas. They need a bachelor's degree, and landscape architects are required to be licensed by most states. ISFP personality types may enjoy this career field because they can tap into their creativity and aesthetic when creating plans for their clients, and much of the work involves nature and the outdoors.

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