Jobs for Persuasive People

Being persuasive is a good thing in many industries. Whether you need to sell a product, convince someone to agree with you, or persuade people to act, being persuasive is useful for many different jobs.

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Career Options for Persuasive People

Being persuasive is often a good asset to have when looking for a job. Some positions need people who are able to convince others to agree with them. Below are some good career options for persuasive people.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Attorney $118,160 (for all lawyers) 6% (for all lawyers)
Equipment Sales Representative $57,140 (for all sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, except technical and scientific products) 6% (for all sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, except technical and scientific products)
Pastor $45,740 (for all clergy) 6% (for all clergy)
Federal Legislator $23,470 (for all legislators) -1% (for all legislators)
Insurance Sales Agent $49,990 9%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Persuasive People


Attorneys, also called lawyers, advocate for their clients in a court of law. They also consult with clients to give them legal advice. In court, attorneys must use their powers of persuasion to convince the jury or judge of their client's innocence or the defendant's guilt, depending on which side of a case they stand. Attorneys usually work at private firms, corporate offices, or for governments. They usually need a law degree and must pass the bar exam in their state.

Equipment Sales Representative

Equipment sales representatives work for either manufacturers or wholesalers who are trying to get individual businesses to purchase their products. Sales representatives for equipment companies must use persuasion to convince business owners and purchasers that their equipment is needed, including having a vast knowledge of the product. They might have to travel to meet with clients. Sale representatives typically only need a high school diploma because the products are not technical or scientific. However, equipment sales representatives who might want to sale agricultural, pharmaceutical, computer, or other scientific/technical equipment, must have a bachelor's degree.


Pastors are religious leaders who share their understanding of religious texts in front of groups of people called congregations. They often feel they need to convince listeners to agree with their ideas in order for those people to join them and become believers in their religion, meaning they use their sermons to persuade listeners. Part of the clergy, pastors, also give guidance to individuals. Their educational requirements depend on the church where they will work, but many churches prefer pastors to have at least a bachelor's degree.

Federal Legislator

Federal legislators participate in the federal government to pass laws that help society. They are usually elected to office, which means they must use persuasion to convince voters to choose them during elections. Once in office, legislators must do research in order to make educated decisions. Federal legislators include senators and state representatives. They don't have education requirements, but relevant experience is desirable. Candidates must hold U.S. citizenship for seven to nine years prior to running for office and meet a minimum age requirement of 25-30 years old, depending on the position.

Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents sell insurance to people who need it. They are usually knowledgeable about different types of insurance and can answer questions that clients have. They must sometimes use persuasion to convince clients that they should purchase the insurance products that their company sells. They often work for agencies or directly for insurance companies, and sometimes travel to visit clients. They need at least a high school diploma and licensure in their state. Some insurance agents do have bachelor's degrees.

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