Jobs for Retired Naval Officers

Jun 27, 2018

As retiring naval officers transition from active duty to civilian life, getting a job may be a productive way to utilize their free time. We list a number of jobs they could take up that enable them to leverage the skills they developed while training and working for the Navy.

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Following a period of service in the Navy, getting a job is one of the steps retired naval officers may take to adapt to a civilian lifestyle. Retired officers leave the service with valuable skills and a work ethic that is highly sought after in the civilian work environment. Below are a number of jobs that a retired naval officer could pursue.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Network and Computer Systems Administrators $81,100 6% Technical skills(Operation and Maintenance of Network and Computer Systems), Problems Solving,Analytical skills
Fitness Trainer and Instructor $39,210 10% Physical fitness, Commitment toward a goal, Leadership and motivation skills
Police and Detectives $62,920 7% Analyst and Investigative skills, Combat and Tactical Skills, Respect
Nuclear Technicians $80, 370 1% Operating special equipment, Experience working with nuclear energy
Mechanical Engineering Technicians $55,360 5% Problem solving, Technical Skills (Design and developing machines, tools and devices)

Source:*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Relevant Careers for Retired Naval Officers

Getting a civilian job does not necessarily require new education and training; the skills naval officers acquire while serving in the Navy are viable in a civilian career. For example, traits like commitment, the ability to work in a team, problem-solving skills, and respect are highly valued in a working environment. Others like combat skills, management, and operating sophisticated equipment can be applied directly in a job role.

Career Description

Retired naval officers can apply to the following job titles based on their skill sets:

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

The term 'military-grade technology' is not used erroneously. It is a fact that the military uses hardware and software that the public does not get to use. Military personnel receive technical skills throughout their careers that would be difficult to amass when undergoing civilian training and experience. The knowledge of operating and maintaining computer networks and systems is directly applicable in a job working as a network and computer systems administrator. The officer must have analytical skills, the ability to solve problems and the technical skills needed to operate, design and maintain network and computer systems.

Fitness Trainer and Instructor

Physical fitness is a priority for any military officer and is ingrained as part of their daily routine. Most veteran naval officers like to maintain this lifestyle after leaving the Navy and becoming a fitness trainer and instructor is a convenient way to earn money while going about your day. Taking up this job typically requires a well-designed workout schedule and the ability to market the services you are offering. The fitness trainer must also be able to motivate and push the people they are training.

Police and Detectives

Officers of the U.S. Navy are likely to have received combat training and have worked in a tactical environment that could make them qualified for jobs working as police officers and detectives. Applicants must possess combat and technical skills to deal with a conflict situation. Analytic and investigative skills are also needed for monitoring and finding criminals. This line of work could also lead to other lucrative contracts providing security services in embassies and consulates or as personal security guards.

Nuclear Technician

Retired personnel who have been working on nuclear engines in Navy vessels like submarines call themselves the 'Navy Nukes'. On retiring, the Navy nukes can work in nuclear plants or in other facilities that deal with nuclear energy. Skills and traits needed for this role are experience working with specialized equipment and tools of a nuclear environment, all of which retired Navy officers may have.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Navy officers often have experience using sophisticated equipment in Navy vessels and could find work operating and maintaining equipment, engines, tools and machines. Other roles in the Navy even require officers to pursue engineering degrees, which are a great addition to the officer's job search. A retired Navy officer may be qualified for a role as a mechanical engineering technician, one who leverages the technical and problem-solving skills needed to design, develop and maintain tools, equipment and machines needed to simplify work.

The jobs listed above are all possibilities for retired Navy officers who wish to enter the civilian work force. There are a number of jobs on the market that require the skills that the officers have accumulated throughout their life in the Navy.

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