Jobs for Right-Brained Introverts

Jan 18, 2020

Career Options for Right-Brained Introverts

Introverts may be accused of living in their heads at times; they prefer to work alone or with a small group of people, and some of their strengths lie in careful study of material that they think about and analyze. Right-brained individuals are artistic and imaginative. From incorporating art and counseling to designing appliances, there are a wide variety of careers listed in this article that right-brained introverts can consider pursuing.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Growth* (2018-2028)
Art Therapist $47,860 (for all kinds of recreational therapists) 7% (for all kinds of recreational therapists)
Photographer $34,000 -6%
Art Director $92,780 1%
Craft and Fine Artist $48,960 1%
Fashion Designer $72,720 1%
Industrial Designer $66,590 3%
Interior Designer $53,370 4%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Right-Brained Introverts

Art Therapist

Art therapists help people deal with issues by creating art. Employers will expect art therapists to be certified and have a bachelor's degree, although most art therapists have a master's degree. Introverts may find this career to be a good fit for them because they get to work in small groups or with one person at a time, and listening to their client is an important part of their job. Right-brained personalities may find this to be a good career choice because art therapists use art to help their clients communicate, and this will appeal to their creative personality. Art therapists also have to maintain patient records, which is a solitary task that may appeal to introverts.


Photographers use photographic equipment to capture two-dimensional images. They may work for prolonged periods of time on their own, waiting for just the right lighting and circumstances to get the shot they desire. That aspect of photography will appeal to introverts. Photographers think visually and focus on producing a desired image, which will appeal to the artistic aspects of a right-brained personality. They need to know how to use photographic equipment, and although a high school diploma is all that's required for some photography jobs, a bachelor's degree may be required for jobs in photojournalism.

Art Director

A bachelor's degree is required for a career as an art director. Art directors can tap into the creative and artistic strengths of a right-brained personality because their job is to create a desired look for the publication or production they work on. This involves working with graphic designers or other design staff, but introverts can still find this career appealing because of the solitary tasks it requires. Art directors spend a lot of time reviewing material, considering what is effective, and deciding what will be used, all of which take advantage of the introvert's tendency to think things through and process information before making decisions.

Craft and Fine Artists

Sketch artists, painters, tattoo artists, jewelry makers and sculptors are just some of the artists that fit in the category of craft and fine artists. Although formal training isn't necessarily required, it's common for craft and fine artists to take postsecondary studies so that they can strengthen their skills. Right-brained personalities will appreciate the visual aspect of the work that craft and fine artists do and may thrive from the opportunity to come up with an idea and then create something. Introverts will appreciate the solitary nature of a craft and fine artists' work, since it's common to work alone or in very small groups.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers can take advantage of a right-brained personality's imagination when coming up with new clothing designs. They may also design accessories, such as hats or purses, or they may design footwear. Introverts may find this work appealing, because fashion designers spend a lot of time working on their own and need to think through design ideas and concepts while coming up with their fashions. A bachelor's degree is required.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers can take advantage of a right-brained personality's imagination when they work on designs for items such as toys and cars. From stoves to scooters, industrial designers are involved in determining how products will look and function. Introverts will enjoy the time they spend creating ideas, drafting design plans, and making prototypes. Industrial designers need a bachelor's degree.

Interior Designer

Interior designers are normally required to have a bachelor's degree. They focus on designing indoor spaces. Since their work involves determining how to create the right visual look to suit their client's needs, this is a career that may appeal to the visual nature of right-brained individuals, and they will enjoy the creative aspects of interior design, such as determining what colors, furniture and fixtures to use. Introverts will find this career appealing because interior designers work independently on designs, or in small groups, and thinking about their projects and reviewing relevant information is a big part of their job.

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