Jobs Involving Music & Computers

Aug 04, 2021

Career Options for Jobs Involving Music and Computers

In this day of technological advancement, the usage of computers has been incorporated into just about every field, including music. Therefore, many careers that deal with music, from its creation to implementation in the media, will involve computerization. If you are interested in how you can intertwine the two fields into a productive career, some options are listed below.

Job Title Median Salary Job Growth (2019-2029)*
Sound Engineer $53,520* (2020) 6% (for 'broadcast and sound engineering technicians')
Sound Designer $54,495** (2021) 22% (for 'film and video editors')
Computer and Information Research Scientist $126,830* (2020) 15%
Software Developer $110,140* (2020) 22%
Composer $52,250* (2020) 2%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Career Information for Jobs Involving Music and Computers

Sound Engineer

Sound engineers use computers and various equipment to record, synchronize, produce, and master music and vocals. These engineers are also responsible for the upkeep of the equipment used. Sound engineers must complete a certificate program to learn the technical aspects of this profession.

Sound Designer

Sound designers are the audio editors of various multimedia such as video games, movies, and television shows. They are responsible for creating and incorporating various sound effects and music to be in sync with the visual. All editing programs are on computers, which means this field will incorporate both computer operation and music in everyday tasks. Becoming a sound designer requires a bachelor's degree in a field that involves video editing and cinematography.

Software Developer

Software developers create and test various codes for the purpose of creating or innovating software applications. Generally, they are given a task or idea which they must plan and develop into a fully functioning program, as well as troubleshoot any problems or bugs that may occur during or after this application creation. Due to the technological advancement of music production, developing programs that will assist in recording or mixing music files, known as digital audio workstations, may be a lucrative field that will incorporate both music and computers. Software developers will need a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Research scientists are often involved in data mining, where they create algorithms for the purpose of processing and understanding large masses of data at one time, for the advancement of a program. As music distribution has evolved and adapted to growing technological capabilities, streaming services have been on the rise. Because of this, there is a job market for research scientists to apply this data mining for improving these streaming platforms, whether it be improving the quality of the streaming service or analyzing patterns in customer behavior to bolster product engagement. Becoming a research scientist requires a Ph.D. in computer science.


Composers write music and are responsible for arranging music elements, writing lyrics, and working with companies or directors to commission their works. In addition to this, they must have a good understanding of the various aspects of each instrument and voice type they are writing parts for, as well as scheduling recording sessions with other musicians to create a working demo. Although notating music can be done by hand, most compositions can be created with computer programs designed for notation and composition. To become a composer you may need a master's degree in music theory; however, select job opportunities may be contingent on your work experience and past works.

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