Jobs Requiring Russian Language Skills

If you have mastery in Russian, you may be looking for a job that utilizes this skill. Whether you learned Russian or are a native speaker, having Russian language skills is useful in many occupations.

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Career Options for Jobs Requiring Russian Language Skills

If you speak Russian, you might find a job working with people who need an interpreter or using Russian to help business deals go more smoothly. Below are some good options for jobs that require Russian language skills.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Interpreter $46,120
(for all interpreters and translators)
(for all interpreters and translators)
International Investment Banker $67,310
(for all securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents)
(for all securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents)
Russian Professor $63,500
(for all foreign language and literature teachers, postsecondary)
(for all foreign language and literature teachers, postsecondary)
International Business Consultant $81,330
(for all management analysts)
(for all management analysts)
International Lawyer $118,160
(for all lawyers)
(for all lawyers)
International Customer Service Representative $32,300
(for all customer service representatives)
(for all customer service representatives)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs Requiring Russian Language Skills


Interpreters verbally translate conversations from one language to another. In the U.S., a Russian interpreter would likely translate for individuals speaking in English or Russian. Interpreters have the goal of helping non-speakers understand the interpreted language with its original connotations. Russian interpreters must be fluent in both Russian and another language, and they typically need a bachelor's degree.

International Investment Banker

Investment bankers spend their time connecting businesses with investors. They also deal in mergers and acquisitions, when companies either merge together or one buys the other. An investment banker working at the international level may need to speak with Russian businesses or banks, thus requiring Russian language skills. Investment bankers need a bachelor's degree to begin in this field and generally need a master's degree in business administration (MBA) to advance in companies.

Russian Professor

Russian professors work in colleges and universities to teach students either the language itself or Russian literature. Like other college professors, Russian professor duties include planning classes, grading student assignments, coaching students, joining committees, and even publishing their research, often a condition of professor positions. Russian professors need Russian language skills to effectively teach their classes. They usually need a Ph.D., but to work at the community college level, they may only need a master's degree.

International Business Consultant

Business consultants, also sometimes referred to as management analysts, tell clients how to manage their businesses to avoid conflict and maintain proper business practices. They may be knowledgeable in many areas of management, such as how to avoid fraud, what companies to merge with, or the best way for companies to invest. Having Russian language skills and research prowess is useful in this profession. Business consultants need a bachelor's degree and might need to become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

International Lawyer

Like domestic lawyers, international lawyers are trained on how to handle issues of law both in court and in a legal advice capacity. Those who work outside the U.S. need to have an understanding of international law and business practices. International lawyers need to be fluent in one or more languages besides English, and sometimes that language might be Russian. Lawyers need a law degree and to pass the bar exam.

International Customer Service Representative

International customer service representatives work with customers to ensure high-quality interactions with a company. They handle a variety of tasks, including dealing with complaints, processing orders, and answering questions. They sometimes need to be bilingual; in order to speak to foreign customers, or to work with companies oversees, and Russian language skills could prove useful for this type of position. They need at least a high school diploma and an aptitude for strong communication.

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