Jobs that Are Always In-Demand

Jan 19, 2020

There are a number of fields and jobs that are always good choices for individuals to pursue because of their near constant job growth. These in-demand jobs span several industries, like healthcare, technology, and finance.

Career Options for Jobs that are Always in Demand

While job growth in different industries can vary according to the economy and changing technology, there are certain career fields that always have jobs that are in demand. An individual who wants to feel confident about their odds in quickly securing a job may be interested in pursuing one of the five careers below, since they all have very favorable and above average job growth statistics and are unlikely to ever become obsolete professions. Continue reading to learn more about these five careers in greater detail.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Software Developer $105,590 21%
Biomedical Engineer $88,550 4%
Nurse $71,730 12%
Personal Financial Manager $88,890 7%
Physical Therapist $87,930 22%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs that are Always in Demand

Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for creating new types of software, depending on the needs of their client or the company they work for. They may primarily work in applications software, which includes creating user applications for laptops, tablets, and other personal devices like games or word processing software. They could also be systems software developers, which involves designing entire software systems, like operating systems for a computer or the software systems in cars. As technology continues to advance, software developers will continue being in-demand, and they are expected to experience a 17% increase in jobs until 2024. To become a software developer, you generally need a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Biomedical Engineer

As a biomedical engineer, you will combine a background in both engineering and medicine to create new pieces of medical equipment and devices to be used in the medical field. There are various types of biomedical engineers with different specialties. Some may work in bioinstrumentation, which involves creating new instruments and devices to aid in the diagnosis of illnesses. In clinical engineering, you would work to design new technology that would improve how medical treatments are administered to patients. This field is expected to remain in high demand, with an expected growth of 23% until 2024, due to improvements in technology and the aging population. To become a biomedical engineer, you will generally need a bachelor's or master's degree in the field.


Nurses work in different types of healthcare facilities, like hospitals and clinics. They generally interact with patients more than doctors, administer medication and treatment, and provide them with care. As long as there are people living, there will be a need for nurses to care for them through all stages of life, from pregnancy and birth care to geriatrics. Through 2024, the nursing field is expected to grow by 16%. To become a nurse, you will need to complete at least an associate's degree in nursing and obtain a nursing license by passing an exam.

Personal Financial Manager

Personal financial managers work with clients who are seeking advice in managing their money and making investments. You may begin working with clients who are still young adults wanting to get a jumpstart on their retirement, young parents who want to start college funds, or more mature clients who are interested in aggressively investing. Personal financial managers will be especially in high demand as more and more baby boomers are nearing retirement and want extra advice. Also, as more companies do away with pension plans, individuals will be on their own to manage their savings, increasing the need for personal financial managers. By 2024, this field is expected to grow by 30%. To become a personal financial manager, you will need at least a bachelor's, if not a master's, in a field like economics or finance.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with patients who have had an accident or recently undergone surgery and develop rehabilitation plans for them. Generally, these patients have experienced a loss of mobility, and it is the job of a PT to help them regain their mobility so they can carry on with their everyday life. As the population ages and conditions like diabetes and obesity are on the rise, PTs will be in higher demand than ever to help patients maintain or regain mobility. This job is expected to experience a 34% increase until 2024. To become a PT, you will need to obtain a bachelor's degree and then attend a 3-year physical therapy school and become licensed.

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