Jobs that Do Not Require Writing

Jan 17, 2020

Job Options that Do Not Require Writing

Although many jobs in today's market require some writing, there are a host of other jobs that do not. If you don't like writing in any capacity, there may still be a job for you. Below are some viable options that do not require writing.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Electrician $55,190 10%
Construction Laborer $35,800 11%
Janitor $26,110 (for all janitors and building cleaners) 7% (for all janitors and building cleaners)
Cashier $22,430 -4%
Model $23,770 -6%
Assembler $32,820 (for all assemblers and fabricators) -11% (for all assemblers and fabricators)
Material Mover $27,270 (for all hand laborers and material movers) 4% (for all hand laborers and material movers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Information About Jobs that Do Not Require Writing


Electricians help customers by installing or maintaining electrical wiring in homes and buildings. They are trained to configure lighting wiring, inspect electrical wiring, and perform other tasks related to ensuring the safety of electrical systems. They must be able to read things like blueprints and diagrams, but no writing is required. Electricians need either an apprenticeship or to attend a technical school as well as a state-issued license, depending on the state.

Construction Laborer

Construction laborers are hired to perform heavy labor on construction sites. Their job duties include cleaning up work sites before and after building something, loading and unloading the construction materials, and following through on other manual labor assignments. Construction laborers spend their time working with their hands rather than writing anything down. They usually need no formal education and are trained on the job.


Janitors are workers who maintain the cleanliness of a building, often working after hours when others are not in their way. They do things like clean glass, take out trash, or clean up spills. Their jobs are hands-on and instead of writing, they perform labor related to maintenance and cleaning. Janitors do not need any formal education.


Cashiers work at the cash registers of retail establishments to ring up purchases and make exchanges. Cashiers are also trained to make sure the correct packaging or bags are used for purchases and to assist customers in signing up for store credit cards or rewards programs. While they may have to do some reading, such as making sure the receipt is correct or checking customer identification, they use registers and scanners to do the calculating rather than doing any writing. Cashiers don't need a formal degree or diploma to get started.


Models work as living displays for consumer products or events. They are often hired to promote certain products and will attend photo shoots or trade shows accordingly. Since their main occupation is focused on appearance, they don't do much writing. Models need no formal education, but they do need to meet physical specifications, such as height, weight, and so on.


Assemblers largely work in factories or manufacturing plants to produce items for a manufacturer. They need to be able to read diagrams and blueprints, but since their jobs are focused on using their hands to assemble products, they do not do much writing. Assemblers are also trained to do quality control checks. They need at least a high school diploma, and some types of assembling positions require some experience and training.

Material Mover

Material movers are employed to move heavy items from one location to another, often packages and other types of freight. They might also package such products themselves, adding protective wrapping to keep items from breaking. They often load trucks, train cars, or ships with freight. This job requires little writing, since the focus is on using manual strength to move items around. They might have to read scanners to ensure items are in the correct place. Material movers don't need any formal education, but they usually must be physically able to do the work.

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