Jobs That Entertain People

Dec 22, 2017

Although jobs that entertain are commonly associated with the entertainment industry there are also careers in art, communications and tech that provide opportunities to entertain people. Read on to learn about entertainment careers.

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Career Options for Entertaining People

Reading books, watching movies, playing video games and going to sporting events are all examples of forms of entertainment. Some people may find it satisfying to entertain others through their work, and they may be interested in considering careers that involve the opportunity to do this.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Writers and Authors $61,240 8%
Directors $70,950 (producers and directors) 12% (producers and directors)
Actors $18.70 (hourly) 12%
Musicians and Singers $25.14 (hourly) 7%
Craft and Fine Artists $48,780 8%
Choreographers and Dancers $16.85 (hourly) 4%
Athletes and Sports Competitors $47,710 7%
Software Developers $102,280 24%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs that Entertain

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors entertain by sharing stories. While some write non-fiction, writers and authors that are specifically interested in entertaining their audience can pursue writing things such as television scripts, novels or short stories. It's common for writers and authors to prepare for their career by completing a bachelor's degree in journalism or a similar subject. They should also have practical experience through internships or writing online that help them develop their writing skills.


Directors are the creative minds behind things such as plays and movies. They hire actors for roles, determine which stories are told and guide every step of the production's progress so that the story can be effectively told. Their goal is to ensure the audience enjoys the production and appreciates the quality of the performances. Directors normally have a bachelor's degree and practical experience in a related field, such as filmmaking or performing.


Actors do not necessarily need postsecondary training, but they may benefit from pursuing studies in theater. They assume roles to help tell a story to their audience. They may perform in plays, movies or other types of productions. They work to portray the character effectively and help entertain the audience through their performance.

Musicians and Singers

Musicians and singers use their vocal or musical talents to perform music. They may play in a studio and produce recordings or they may perform on stage for a live audience. Successful musicians and singers engage their audience in a way that encourages fans to purchase recorded music and/or tickets to performances. They must have musical talent and do not need to have any formal training.

Craft and Fine Artists

Craft and fine artists use their artistic talents to create and design a range of things, including cartoons and illustrations. It's common for craft and fine artists to have a bachelor's degree in fine art so that they can expand their skills to prepare for an artistic career. Craft and fine artists who are interested in entertaining people can focus on works that are intended to bring amusement or pleasure to the audience, such as comics, sculptures and paintings.

Choreographers and Dancers

Choreographers create dancing routines, while dancers perform routines to portray their role in a dance production. Their goal is to use dance to engage and entertain their audience. Dancers can prepare for their career by taking several years of dance classes, and choreographers usually start out as dancers. Many opt to pursue postsecondary studies to expand their skills.

Athletes and Sports Competitors

The most important qualification for a career as an athlete or sports competitor is athletic skill and talent. This can be developed through practice, and it's common for athletes and sports competitors to spend years playing or competing to help develop those skills. They can play on teams, compete or perform as individuals, and many people support athletes by going to games, watching games on television or watching athletic performances, such as figure skating shows.

Software Developers

Becoming a software developer may not seem like an entertaining career choice, but they are responsible for writing the code for video games and apps that entertain children and adults of all ages. Software developers must have a bachelor's degree and usually study computer science or a similar discipline to develop the programming skills needed for their career.

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