Jobs that Involve Computers & Art

Jan 16, 2020

There are many occupations for individuals interested in working with art and computers, including the architecture, design, communications and education careers discussed in this article.

Career Options for Jobs Involving Computers and Art

Computers have changed the way that art is produced and how information about art is documented; there are also many technical careers that incorporate art as a regular part of their duties. Whether we're looking at the materials we read, the museums tourists visit, or the buildings people work in, we're seeing products of professionals who incorporate the use of art and computers regularly.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Growth* (2018-2028)
Multimedia Artists and Animators $72,520 4%
Industrial Designers $66,590 3%
Photographers $34,000 -6% (decline)
Architects $79,380 8%
Museum Technicians $43,020 (Museum Technicians and Conservators) 9% (Museum Technicians and Conservators
Graphic Designer $50,370 3%
Illustrators $49,380 (Fine Artists) 1% (Fine Artists)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs Involving Computers and Art

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia artists and animators are artists who develop material with computer programs. When a television commercial has animated characters, it's using the work of a multimedia artist. Multimedia artists and animators also create original characters and content for things such as video games and films. A bachelor's degree is required to work in this field, as well as artistic skill.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers prepare for their careers by earning a bachelor's degree; they also need a strong portfolio that features their work. Industrial designers are involved in developing design plans for everything from vehicles to dishwashers to children's toys. They use their artistic skills to develop ideas that are refined using computer programs and regularly get to incorporate art and computers into their daily job duties.


Photographers use equipment to capture two-dimensional images. They may work with film, but many photographers use digital cameras now. Their photographic art can be uploaded to computers and altered to correct elements in the image or to improve the image. Photographers can learn their craft on the job, although those interested in career fields like photojournalism may need a degree.


Architects use their artistic and creative talents to design buildings. They may start off sketching out ideas before using computer programs to finish their plans and produce images of their design. They need to earn a bachelor's degree, complete an internship and earn their architect's license. Their work provides regular opportunities to produce original designs using computer programs.

Museum Technicians

Museum technicians are professionals with a bachelor's degree who monitor the works in a museum. They may be involved in borrowing or lending exhibit pieces, such as works of art, or overseeing insurance for the exhibit pieces that the museum has. Their work involves using computer databases to maintain records and update information about the works of art their museum owns or borrows.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are professionals who have the artistic talent needed to develop sketches and computer-generated designs or assemble media to form an appealing layout. They typically need a bachelor's degree. They produce things like logos and illustrations, which may be used for advertising campaigns or product packaging, or generate content that's displayed online or in print.


Although illustrators do not necessarily need postsecondary training, it's common for them to complete a bachelor's or master's degree program. A degree may be required if they wish to specialize in a field such as medical illustration. Illustrators use their artistic skills to produce images for printed materials or products. It's common for illustrators to work with computer programs to produce or alter their drawings.

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