Jobs that Involve History & English

Jan 24, 2020

Those who are interested in history and enjoy reading and writing may be specifically interested in exploring career option that incorporate both history and English. Read on to learn more about careers that regularly involve both content areas.

Career Options for Jobs that Involve History & English

History refers to events and people from the past. English skills are an intrinsic part of communicating verbally and in writing. There are a number of occupations that rely on English skills and also include historical data in career fields such as communications, education and social sciences.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Outlook (2018-2028)*
Historians $61,140 6%
Writers and Authors $62,170 0%
Archivists $52,240 9%
Librarians $59,050 6%
Postsecondary History Teachers $74,590 6%
Political Scientists $117,570 5%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs that Involve History & English


Historians specialize in understanding past events and historical figures. Since they spend their career researching historical topics, this involves learning about and analyzing history. They read a great deal in their work and write about their research, so their duties also involve English. To enter this field, it's necessary to have a master's degree in history, and research positions may require a Ph.D.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors usually need a bachelor's degree in English or a similar major. They specialize in writing about different issues and topics, so their work involves using English language skills to produce things like articles and manuscripts. Writers and authors may specialize in writing about specific topics, and some may incorporate history into their work regularly if they write things like historical textbooks or articles about historic sites. Fiction writers may also research history so that they can accurately portray historical settings in their material.


Archivists help preserve things from the past. They use history in their work to help determine if historic documents are legitimate. They use English in their work when they create policies for accessing the documents and records that they preserve. It's common for archivists to study history or a similar discipline, and they must have a master's degree to pursue this profession.


Librarians work with printed materials on a regular basis, and this means that they use English skills to do things such as read about books they may want to purchase for their library. They may also read stories to children or locate specific materials about topics patrons are interested in, which may include historical topics. Special librarians may work in museum libraries and work exclusively with published works about historical topics. Librarians are required to have a master's degree in their field.

Postsecondary History Teachers

Postsecondary history teachers spend their career educating students about historical topics. They usually need a doctoral degree in history to pursue this career, although some entry-level positions might be attainable with a master's degree. Their duties involve explaining relevant topics to students, creating lessons and reading student assignments, which involves using English skills. Some postsecondary teachers are also involved in research and may write about topics related to their field of expertise, which in this case would mean researching and writing about history.

Political Scientists

A master's degree is required to become a political scientist. These professionals research issues related to politics and government. They read and write about their findings, which involves using English skills. Some of the materials that political scientists use in their research may include historical documents, and topics they study may include the history of specific political movements or policies, so their work also involves history.

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