Jobs that Involve Music & Traveling

Jan 16, 2020

Those with musical talent usually have dreams of applause from an audience in an arena somewhere far away. This article discusses five careers for musicians and the travel involved with each. It also sheds light on median salaries for these jobs and the employment outlook over the next decade.

Career Options Involving Music and Travel

Careers in music can be hard to maintain but are often very rewarding. Some jobs may require local travel, while others may involve long-term, national travel. Here are some music-related jobs that require travel and relevant career information.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Singer/Musician $41,704** (2019) 0% (little to no change)
Sound Engineering Technician $52,390 8%
Actor $56,662*** (2019) 1%
Musical Director/Composer $49,630 1%
Musical Instrument Repairer/Tuner $39,110 (average salary) 8.3%

Sources: *Bureau of Labor Statistics, **, ***

Career Information for Jobs Involving Music and Travel


Singers and musicians must often travel locally, or even internationally, in order to perform at various venues and events. They may be a solo act or part of a band or group, and the audience can vary in nature or size. For example, singers and musicians often begin their careers by playing at local bars or venues; after gaining some popularity, they may begin traveling farther distances and might perform in larger venues for bigger crowds. While there are no educational requirements in order to work as as singer or musician, many (especially those specializing in classical music or opera) choose to pursue a college degree in musical or vocal performance.

Sound Engineering Technician

From recording studios to major touring bands, sound engineers can choose from a wide variety of work environments. Sound engineers set up equipment, such as microphones and speakers, for concerts and may be part of a traveling stage crew. In recording studios, they mix and edit music or audio on control boards. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement for sound engineering technicians, but many employers prefer to hire those with a postsecondary award or certificate. Certification in the field isn't mandatory, but it can improve job prospects.


Musical theater is a great field of employment for those who want to pursue singing and dancing. Musicals often tour around the country, sometimes playing for weeks in major cities. Theater actors rehearse lines and dance numbers for weeks and are typically employed for longer periods of time than actors who work in film and television. Actors aren't required to have any formal education, but they do greatly benefit from extensive education and training. Many musical actors pursue degrees in musical theater or performance, while others take singing and dancing lessons at private studios.

Musical Director/Composer

Musical directors could work in a variety of environments, such as schools, religious institutions, civic organizations, civic centers or performing arts programs. These directors choose songs and compositions and prepare the performers. They are also responsible for auditioning new performers. They rehearse shows for public consumption and spend a lot of time with patrons and donors or traveling to public performances. Composers of mainstream music, such as rap or rock n' roll, do not require formal training, but classical composers usually need a master's degree in a subject such as music theory or music composition. Directors typically need a bachelor's to direct a choir.

Musical Instrument Repairer/Tuner

No one wants to transport a piano or other large instrument whenever it needs to be tuned or repaired, so instrument tuners and repairers must travel to various locations. These professionals have to travel to many different areas in order to tune instruments at schools, churches and private homes. Tuners utilize digital equipment to help with their jobs, and many receive their training on the job, as no formal education is needed to work in the field.

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