Jobs That Keep You Active

There are a variety of career fields for people that prefer to be active in their work. Jobs that best fit an active lifestyle, along with salary and career information, are discussed below.

Career Options for Jobs That Keep You Active

For some people, the idea of working somewhere where you are on your feet, responding to calls, exercising, or out in nature seems preferable to the traditional office job of sitting for hours and completing spreadsheets. Luckily, there are a variety of careers where being active and able to move around are essential components of the job. Whether you love being outside in nature, doing work that is meaningful to your community, or you just want to help people become as fit as you are, here are some of the best jobs for people who like to live an active lifestyle.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Outlook (2016-26)*
Fitness Trainers $39,820 (fitness trainers and aerobics instructors) 10% (fitness trainers and aerobics instructors)
Foresters $61,410 5%
Physical Therapists $87,930 28%
Police Officers $63,380 (police and detectives) 7% (police and detectives)
Surveyors $62,580 11%
Athletic Coaches $33,780 (coaches and scouts) 13% (coaches and scouts)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs That Keep You Active

Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers help clients to meet their exercise goals and create a plan to enhance a healthy lifestyle. Trainers get to demonstrate exercises for their clients and stay on their feet for much of their shifts. The educational level to begin as a fitness instructor is a high school diploma; in addition, more and more employers now require an associate or bachelor's degree in an area related to fitness, such as kinesiology. Many employers prefer to hire candidates who are already licensed.


Foresters clear land to prepare sites for new trees and supervise tree harvests. Their job responsibilities, while varied, involve outdoor work doing tasks such as walking around a site measuring trees, which makes it a good fit for active people who do not enjoy sitting at a desk for long periods of time. The entry-level requirement for foresters is a bachelor's degree in forestry; it is also helpful for foresters to take classes for a background in computer modeling, such as geographic information systems (GIS).

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists help patients with illnesses or injuries to exercise or use equipment that helps them improve their mobility and reduce pain. A physical therapist may walk with a patient learning to use crutches or otherwise spend much of their time on their feet. Becoming a physical therapist requires a bachelor's degree and then about three years in a doctoral physical therapy program. In addition to schooling requirements, physical therapists must become licensed in order to work.

Police Officers

Police officers are responsible for making sure citizens obey the law and keeping a community safe. Patrolling areas and possibly making arrests means being out within the community, walking or driving, and it can be a physically demanding job with sometimes extensive travel. Police officers must at least obtain a high school education and complete a training academy program, as well as having on-the-job training, in order to qualify. Some states require a bachelor's degree or other coursework as a prerequisite.


Surveyors travel to locations to help draw the boundaries of a particular location for construction or for records such as court documents. Surveyors work outside sometimes, walking through and examining properties. Someone wanting to enter the surveying field needs a bachelor's degree in a field related to surveying, such as civil engineering. Many states require that to become a licensed surveyor, a candidate must work as a technician for four or more years under a current surveyor.

Athletic Coaches

Athletic coaches help both amateur and professional athletes attain and improve skills in order to enhance sports performance. A coach leads training sessions where they focus on improving their athletes technique, strategy, and stamina. A positive and encouraging attitude is a must in this job, and instilling proper etiquette and sportsmanship is a big part of your role-model function. A bachelor's degree is usually required for athletic coaches, as well as an expert level of knowledge in the sport of your choosing.

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