Jobs that Require Isolation & Working Alone

Jan 17, 2020

Many career fields require employees to work independently and isolated from others. Working alone is not a rare employment choice. People who enjoy this lifestyle will find information about some of these careers in this article.

Career Options for Jobs Requiring Isolation

Some people not only don't mind working alone, but actually thrive in the isolation. Below are some careers that require people to be able to work long hours alone and some vital information about those jobs.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
X-Ray Technician $59,520 (for all radiologic technologists) 9% (for all radiologic technologists)
Photographic Processor $29,180 (for all photographic process workers and processing machine operators) -21% (decline) (for all photographic process workers and processing machine operators)
Portrait Painter $49,380 (for all fine artists, including painters, sculptors and illustrators) 1% (for all fine artists, including painters, sculptors and illustrators)
Long Haul Trucker $43,680 (for all heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers) 5% (for all heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers)
Jeweler $39,440 (for all jewelers and precious stone and metal workers) -7% (decline) (for all jewelers and precious stone and metal workers)
Computer Programmer $84,280 -7% (decline)
Janitor $26,110 (for all janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeepers) 7% (for all janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeepers)
Embalmer $44,250 -2% (decline)
Private Investigator $50,090 8%
Parking Enforcement Worker $39,840 -37% (decline)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs Involving Isolation and Working Alone

X-Ray Technician

X-ray technicians, also known as radiologic technologists, spend a lot of hours working independently taking x-rays and other diagnostic imaging work. Afterward, they are confined to labs developing or processing the images ordered by doctors. These experts in radiology start with a degree from a two-year institution and are licensed by the state.

Photographic Processor

Many photographers still use film to take pictures. Film requires trained personnel to develop and print photos. Photographic processors work independently in photo labs and darkrooms with developing equipment and chemicals to create negatives and prints. This career needs a high school diploma and job specific training in photography and film processing.

Portrait Painter

Fine arts painters typically spend a lot of time working alone, painting from photos, or isolated from others doing landscapes. These artists have found a way to make a living with their art talent and ability to spend hours isolated with their paints and canvas. Most fine artists attain bachelor's, even master's degrees, while building their portfolios and learning proper techniques and various art styles.

Long Haul Trucker

Truckers haul goods using interstates and highways and are often alone. Commercial drivers work alone in 18-wheeler cabs driving long hours from receipt destinations to drop offs. These professionals are expected to run inspections on their vehicles, follow all traffic laws, and make sure their cargo is properly secured. Long haul truckers usually have a high school diploma, have completed a commercial driver licensing school, and have passed a state's CDL exam.


Jewelers spend a lot of hours on tedious work, hunched over designing, polishing or repairing jewelry pieces. These artisans have kept alive an ancient skill working with precious metals and stones creating earrings, bracelets, necklaces and wedding bands. Most jewelers get their start as high school graduates who intern for master jewelry craftsmen.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers spend their time in front of monitors writing code. A bachelor's degree is needed to start, and they usually learn a variety of computer languages. Programmers turn ideas of software developers and engineers into code allowing computers to translate that code into visuals for programs, games or applications. Sometimes programmers are tasked with finding bad code in a program and rewriting the code to fix the problem.


Janitors for the most part work alone cleaning rooms in a variety of buildings. They could be tasked with cleaning school classrooms after hours or the suites of an office building at night. They vacuum rugs, take out trash, and sweep and mop tile floors. They sanitize bathrooms, dust desks and report damages. Janitors do not require any formal training except job training by the cleaning company.


Embalmers work at funeral homes and mortuaries preparing bodies for burial. They work with various chemicals, and their work is performed in accordance to state laws. They fill out proper paperwork such as death certificates and arrange for the body's placement in a casket or for cremation. Embalmers need an associate's degree at least. In most states, they need to be certified while in others they may require further licensing.

Private Investigator

Investigators and private detectives don't just spend a lot of hours watching and following people. Many of them spend those long hours searching for missing persons, doing internet research, digesting financial records, or combing through court records. They may be hired to do criminal investigations to find evidence for court cases. Private investigators should at least have a high school diploma, and most have police or military training. Many states require licensure.

Parking Enforcement Officer

Parking enforcement officers (PEOs), or meter maids, cruise areas of cities and enforce parking laws. PEOs write tickets for illegal parking, parking in a private lot without paying, or when meters expire. In some instances, they will contact a wrecker crew to tow illegally parked autos to lots where car owners can retrieve their vehicles after paying their fines. Most PEOs have a high school diploma and job training. Some employees have police training or a military background.

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