Jobs That Require Travel to Japan

Scientists, transportation workers, military personnel, communication experts and business professionals may all be required to travel to Japan. Read on to learn about the training requirements for careers that involve travel to Japan.

Career Options for Jobs that Require Travel to Japan

There are many reasons that occupations may involve international travel to countries such as Japan. This article looks at some of those reasons and the careers that can require employees to visit Japan as part of their duties. Individuals who enjoy travel or have a particular interest in Japan may want to consider some of these career options.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Volcanologists $89,780 (geoscientists) 14% (geoscientists)
Writers and Authors $61,240 8%
Navy Seaman $24,555 (2017, navy seaman, surface vessels)** N/A
Water Transportation Workers $54,870 8%
Top Executives $103,950 8%
Airline and Commercial Pilots $105,720 4%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; **PayScale

Career Information for Jobs that Require Travel to Japan


Volcanologists specialize in research related to volcanoes and volcanic eruptions. A bachelor's degree in a related field, such as geology, can qualify individuals to pursue entry-level positions in this field. Japan has a high number of volcanoes that are active, which makes this country a popular research location for volcanologists.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors produce written materials that are used in a variety of ways. From scripts to books to reports, writers and authors put together information and ideas to entertain or inform readers. They usually have a bachelor's degree in English or a similar subject. Writers and authors who are producing materials about Japan, Japanese history or other topics that relate to Japan may travel to Japan while conducting research.

Navy Seaman

Navy seaman are military personnel who work on Navy ships. They need to have a clean criminal history, a high school diploma or GED and meet age, medical and physical requirements. They may help operate Navy vessels and perform a range of tasks, including loading equipment or participating in Navy training exercises. The United States has a number of naval bases in Japan and Navy seaman may be deployed to train and serve in Japan as part of their duties.

Water Transportation Workers

Water transportation workers play a role in moving materials from place to place via boats, barges and other types of water vessels. They may also transport people. Their training requirements vary from on-the-job training to U.S. Coast Guard training programs, depending on which role they serve. Water transportation workers who work on cargo ships that transport goods internationally may travel to Japan regularly to pick up and drop off merchandise.

Top Executives

It is common for top executives to travel as part of their duties and those that work for companies with offices in Japan may find that traveling to Japan is a regular part of their duties. These business professionals usually have a master's degree in business administration, although some can become top executives with a bachelor's degree and related work experience. Top executives participate in making decisions about the business they work for and determine their operational policies and business goals. They may perform a range of other tasks, such as reviewing financial data and determining ways to increase profits.

Airline and Commercial Pilots

Airlines and commercial pilots operate aircraft. Those that work on international flight routes may find that they regularly fly to Japan as part of their duties. They must have a pilot's license and airline pilots must also have a bachelor's degree. They may inspect the aircraft, communicate with air traffic control and monitor the aircraft while flying it from location to location.

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