Jobs that Require Travelling the US

Jan 17, 2020

There were over 457 million overnight business trips taken within the United States in 2016. There are many different occupations that involve travel to some degree. Here are six occupations that often require full-time travel.

Jobs that Require Travelling the United States

Looking to travel the United States and have your employer foot the bill? Here are some employment options.

Job Title Median Salary (2018) Job Outlook (2018-2028)*
Truck Driver $43,680* 5%
Event Marketer $61,507 (2019)** 8% (for all Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers)
Construction Manager $93,370* 10%
Flight Attendant $56,000* 10%
Traveling Nurse $71,730* (for all registered nurses) 12% (for all registered nurses)
Management Analyst $83,610* 14%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Career Information for Jobs that Require Travelling the United States

Truck Driver

Truck drivers spend all of their time on the road transporting goods in a freight style vehicle. Some drivers travel across the United States, and some travel regionally in the United States. To become a truck driver, a Commercial Driver's License is required. There are truck driving schools that teach students how to drive a tractor-trailer truck. Some companies pre-hire applicants before they enroll in truck driving school.

Event Marketer

A wide scope of companies participates in the event marketing circuit. Event marketers go on tours across the United States promoting a product, brand, company, non-profit organization, or idea. The job typically requires driving a pick-up truck or box truck across the country. Touring event marketers are usually responsible for arriving to event sites and setting up the display. They also manage a team of local support staff. A college degree in marketing is nice, but a high school diploma is sufficient to become an event marketer. Requirements for the job usually include being physically fit and having an outgoing personality. Experience in the industry is preferred, and some tour managers are required to have a Commercial Driver's License.

Construction Manager

Constructions managers do exactly what their title indicates. Job responsibilities include budgeting, planning, and overseeing staff at construction projects. Many projects will have a specific deadline, so after its completion the professional takes on another project that may require relocation or frequent travel between the site and main office. Many construction managers have a bachelor's degree in construction management or a related field. Experience in the construction industry is preferred. Some construction managers have a high school diploma but are highly experienced.

Flight Attendant

If you have ever been on a commercial flight, you have an idea of some of the responsibilities of a flight attendant. They provide customer service, but also need to convey important information to passengers and respond to flight emergencies if necessary. Attendants are constantly traveling as their job is in the air. A high school diploma is necessary to become a flight attendant. Attendants must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Preferred applicants have experience in customer service.

Traveling Nurse

Traveling nurses sign contracts typically lasting 1-3 months to work at hospitals, community clinics, private practices and other medical facilities. They fill in nursing gaps at medical institutions. After finishing a contract, a traveling nurse typically finds another contract and travels to the area to work. Traveling nurses must have a college degree and must be registered. Nurses that wish to travel and are not ready to 'settle down' in a specific area find the contract work appealing. Traveling also allowed for different experiences in the medical industry.

Management Analyst

Companies hire management analysts as consultants to improve their efficiency as a company and look for ways to maximize profit. Management analysts typically work on a contractual basis, and after completing the goals set by the company, these professionals travel to their next project. This type of consultant needs to have a bachelor's degree at a minimum. The Institute of Management Consultants USA offers Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certification, which is a consultant training program. To become certified, consultants must pass an exam.

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