Logistics Master's Degree: Salary & Jobs

May 31, 2020

The field of logistics involves working with various organizational aspects of a company or business, including supply chain, purchasing, transportation, and storage and distribution. Pursuing a master's degree in logistics will provide you with high-level training and prepare you for many managerial positions and success in one or all of these aspects. Below, we will look at five possible career paths for individuals who have a master's degree in logistics.

Career Possibilities with a Master's Degree in Logistics

Job Title Median Salary (May 2019)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Logistician $74,750 5%
Supply Chain Manager $110,630 4 to 6%
Purchasing Manager $121,110 4 to 6%
Transportation Manager $94,560 4 to 6%
Storage and Distribution Manager $94,560 4 to 6%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Logistics Master's Degree Career Descriptions


If you are interested in all of the various subfields of logistics, you may want to become a logistician, meaning you would focus on all the aspects involved in moving a company's product from the facility to its ultimate destination. This includes developing ways to transport and store goods that are cost-effective, working with clients to understand their needs, and keeping a record of where all products are using software systems. With a master's degree in logistics, you would likely be more qualified than most other applicants, as your education would have prepared you to handle even the most complicated of supply chain systems.

Supply Chain Manager

As a supply chain manager, you would focus on developing ways to make an organization's supply chain system more efficient and cost-effective, or you may be involved in helping a new company develop a supply chain system. As the manager, you will be in charge of supervising other employees as they package and store items before they are shipped, examining the fastest and cheapest routes delivery trucks could take, and keeping track of inventory. The majority of individuals in this role only have a bachelor's degree or lower, meaning a master's degree in a logistics would give you a competitive edge.

Purchasing Manager

Depending on the types of products they produce, a company likely needs to purchase supplies or other products from different companies in order to produce their own products. Purchasing managers coordinate all of these purchasing efforts by managing other employees, identifying possible vendors, and negotiating deals. A master's degree in logistics would qualify you for a position as a purchasing manager and equip you with extensive knowledge of the purchasing process.

Transportation Manager

A transportation manager is a type of logistics professional who focuses on figuring out the best way organizations can physically move their products around the country, as well as internationally. Depending on how large the organization is, the transportation manager may coordinate with various transportation industries, like the railroad, trucking companies, airlines, and ships, in order to develop ways to move product. Some of their other duties could include scheduling, tracking shipments, and making sure they are complying with government regulations. While most transportation managers have a bachelor's degree or less, a master's degree in logistics may help you land a job at a larger company.

Storage and Distribution Manager

As a storage and distribution manager, your primary concern would be making sure that products are stored properly and safely while they are awaiting shipment and making sure the correct products are shipped out. You may work in a warehouse facility supervising other staff and making sure that the products being stored remain in good condition. A master's degree in logistics will teach you about product storage and distribution, meaning you would have the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify for a position as a storage and distribution manager.

Within the field of logistics, there are a number of unique and high-level positions that would be open to you after pursing a master's degree in logistics, including a variety of high-paying managerial positions.

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