Marketing Careers in the Fashion Industry

Jan 19, 2020

Any industry that needs to sell and promote a product involves marketing, and the fashion industry is no exception. Find out about some of the marketing careers in the industry, their median salaries and education requirements.

Marketing Career Options in the Fashion Industry

Although the fashion industry only provides a few careers that deal solely with marketing, there are several other careers in the industry that involve marketing and/or are part of the marketing process for fashion. Learn about some of these jobs in the fashion industry and how they involve marketing.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Marketing Managers $134,290 8%
Market Research Analysts $63,120 (Including Marketing Specialists) 20%
Public Relations Specialists $60,000 6%
Wholesale and Retail Buyers $67,600 -6% (Decline)
Photographers $34,000 -6% (Decline)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Marketing Careers in the Fashion Industry

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers play a major role in the fashion industry as they work for fashion organizations and try to predict fashion and market trends for the field, as well as identify possible markets for a particular fashion, style or clothing product. These managers must also take into account what competitors are selling while they determine pricing strategies that meet the consumers' demands. Marketing managers oversee employees in their department and must work closely with other creative and business professionals in the organization, such as product development and public relations staff. These professionals need at least a bachelor's degree and work experience in the field.

Market Research Analysts

Similar to marketing managers, market research analysts try to predict possible markets for particular fashions and closely monitor sales trends in the industry, but they examine these factors more in depth and put more exact numbers to their analysis using statistical software. These analysts look at information collected from consumers through interviews and surveys and information from marketing and sales trends to help organizations determine which products are doing well and at which price point. Their data is summarized in detailed reports for management and may even include insight into which marketing and advertising campaigns are working well for the organization. Market research analysts need a bachelor's or master's degree, depending on the position, and must have great math skills.

Public Relations Specialists

While not immediately thought of as a marketing career, public relations specialists play a large part in marketing and selling the brand and organization that they work for, including fashion brands and organizations. These specialists come up with creative and positive messages to put out to consumers that promote the fashion brand and any unique or good cause the brand supports. Public relations specialists typically handle the organization's communication with media and the public and closely monitor public opinion of a product and/or organization. They must hold a bachelor's degree, usually in public relations, communications or a related field.

Wholesale and Retail Buyers

Many marketing managers in the fashion industry may begin their careers as a wholesale and retail buyer, as these professionals must understand fashion and current market trends in the industry as they make selections of various clothing, accessories and other products for their organization to sell. They must carefully evaluate vendors and determine which products and how much of each product to purchase, based on price, consumer demand and other factors. Once they have made a selection they may negotiate prices, create a contract with the vendor and complete any necessary records of the purchase and inventory. Wholesale and retail buyers usually need a bachelor's degree, but some positions may only require a high school diploma.


Not only must photographers market the services they provide when looking for jobs in the fashion industry, but they are also highly utilized in fashion marketing campaigns to photograph models in different articles of clothing and accessories. Photographers typically utilize digital cameras and photo-enhancing software to create high-quality images of their subjects, as well as any necessary lighting equipment or photography techniques. They continuously add samples of their work to their professional portfolio that they use to market themselves and may sell their photographs to fashion organizations, galleries or consumers in various market places. Most photographers only need a working understanding of photography, but certain positions, such as photojournalists, may require a bachelor's degree.

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