Marketing Director Vs Business Development Director

Marketing directors and business development directors are vital positions in a successful company. This article details the differences between these director jobs and offers up some financial information you may find interesting.

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Comparing Marketing Directors to Business Development Directors

Marketing directors are the artistic heads of various marketing teams for a company who decide the ideas, concepts and goals of the marketing campaigns and deploy them by leading their employees. Business development directors answer to the owner, CEO or board of directors to oversee all the leg work a company needs to be successful. Below is material for these business professions and some financial information as well.

Job Title Education Requirements Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2014-2024)**
Marketing Directors Bachelor's Degree $83,446 9% (marketing managers)
Business Development Directors Master's Degree preferred $104,886 7% (general and operations managers)

Sources: *, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Marketing Directors vs. Business Development Directors

Both marketing directors and business development directors help make companies successful. These jobs are director positions, meaning they run teams of employees, however, marketing directors take care of specific departments and assignments inside a business while business development directors are upper managers who direct other directors and generally make sure schedules and budgets are met. Marketing directors run the advertising campaigns while business development directors run everything from a higher level.

Marketing Directors

Marketing directors are the heads of teams of promotional experts, including art directors, lead designers, graphic artists, animators, and social media pros. The directors brainstorm ideas based on the leadership of the board or upper executives and come up with marketing concepts which will expand a company's brand, stress their services with the public or keep a customer's name on the lips of the media. Marketing directors are the liaisons between upper management and the employees, and they prepare work schedules and assignments to make sure their best people are in the right places.

Job responsibilities of a marketing director include:

  • Studying marketing data
  • Collaborating with outside vendors or subcontractors
  • Designing promotional presentations for radio, television, and the internet
  • Making presentations to upper management and/or board of directors

Business Development Directors

Business development directors, who might be working in IT or a service company, use their many years of experience and training to work with the boss or the board to help design company strategies for success and profit. These directors are in charge of lower management teams and directors who run departments or divisions or regions of the business. From their offices they will pour over reports and at times check in with teams and then work to streamline departments, realign divisions and help create marketing concepts. They will negotiate contracts, understand budgeting, manage sales and juggle all of them at once.

Job responsibilities of a business developer director include:

  • Designing workflow schedules with other managers
  • Focusing on deployment of board ordered strategies
  • Preparing presentations to upper management and employees
  • Detailing budgets to reach necessary company goals

Related Careers

People qualified to be marketing directors with backgrounds in design and promotions might consider work as art directors taking charge and running various design campaigns for an organization. Those considering being business development directors could use their knowledge and experience to run a company much like a health service manager planning and directing a health services institution.

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