Marketing Director Vs Communications Director

Marketing and communications directors have similar roles within an organization. However, their daily tasks differ in some ways. Find out more about how these occupations that involve leading other people are similar yet different.

Comparing Marketing Directors to Communications Directors

Marketing directors and communications directors are both concerned with maintaining a favorable image of their company. However, marketing directors tend to focus on the goods and services that a company offers, while a communications director focuses on making sure a company's relationship with the public stays positive. Below you'll find more information about how these careers are related, as well as what makes them different.

Job Title Education Requirements Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2014-2024)**
Marketing Director Bachelor's degree $82,742 9% (for all marketing managers)
Communications Director Bachelor's degree $68,036 7% (for all public relations and fundraising managers)

Source: *, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Marketing Directors vs. Communications Directors

Both marketing directors and communications directors work on the way that a company is seen by public, and while many of their tasks may intersect, there are some differences. For example, marketing directors focus on creating effective campaigns to promote goods and services, doing market research or designing marketing strategies. They typically work regular full time hours. Communications directors may also handle marketing campaigns, but they are also trained to effectively communicate with the public through a variety of means. Like marketing directors, they usually work normal full time hours.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors are hired to create and maintain the marketing strategies a company uses to attract customers to purchase their goods and services. These directors perform many important tasks to this end, including planning exhibits and attending trade shows and other marketing events. They also usually maintain a company's online marketing presence, such as developing marketing emails to pull in customers. Marketing directors must stay aware of the competition and current trends in marketing.

Job responsibilities of a Marketing Director include:

  • Supervising the marketing department
  • Watching and reporting on how their campaigns progress
  • Analyzing past marketing strategies
  • Overseeing web designs

Communications Director

A communications director is responsible for many aspects of an organization's communication strategies. Not only are they typically involved with marketing, they also handle many elements of publicity and public relations. They need to be able to establish a company's brand and maintain the brand's image. They are also often in charge of how employees communicate with each other as well as how they communicate externally with customers. Like others in this field, communications directors usually work in an office during regular business hours, though they may have to travel to meet clients.

Job responsibilities of a Communications Director include:

  • Leading any communications staff
  • Negotiating contracts and prices for advertising
  • Creating schedules for advertising
  • Conducting research for their work
  • Overseeing digital content

Related Careers

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