Marketing PhD Jobs

Feb 25, 2018

A PhD in Marketing gives you access to a wide range of jobs. We'll explore a few of the career fields and salaries you can anticipate having access to after earning your degree.

Technically speaking, many of the following jobs don't require a PhD in marketing. However, possessing such a degree will make you far more competitive and far more likely to land a job in the career field you want.

Careers for Marketing PhDs

There are a range of careers that you can choose from with a PhD in marketing. The following are just a few of the jobs and salaries than you can anticipate once you have your degree.

Job Title Median Wage (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)*
Market Research Analyst $62,560 23%
Public Relations Specialist $58,020 9%
Survey Researcher $54,470 2%
Cost Estimator $61,790 11%
Marketing Manager $131,180 10%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

PhD in Marketing Career Paths

Market Research Analyst

This career path involves using your knowledge to monitor and forecast where the market is going. You will be expected to monitor and forecast both marketing and sales trends before formulating marketing strategies. The duties of a market research analyst involved collecting data on consumers, competitors, and markets before analyzing it using statistical software packages. This data is used by companies to determine their market position and target ways of improving their performance.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists need to be skilled in helping an organization position itself competitively. This involves developing communications to be sent to a number of interested parties, including investors, reporters, and customers. The emphasis of this career path is less on data analysis and more on the marketing aspect, with public relations specialists acting as a marketing tool through the communications they develop. These specialists draft speeches, evaluate public opinion, and assess marketing materials before publication.

Survey Researcher

Survey researchers fill a specific arm of marketing and help generate the data organizations use to develop their marketing strategies. These professionals create and administer surveys on a variety of topics. Part of this role involves making sure that those being surveyed clearly understand what is being asked. After data has been collected and analyzed using a statistical software package, survey researchers submit the data for use in a marketing plan.

Cost Estimator

The skills acquired from being able to analyze costs of a project can be applied to the area of cost estimation. Cost estimators are charged with assessing a project, taking into account time, labor, and resources, and projecting the costs that will be involved. These professionals are also looked to for recommendations on how to reduce costs. Accurate cost estimations are used by organizations to make project bids.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers collaborate with the heads of other departments to discuss budgets, contracts, and marketing plans. These individuals must be able to not only make financial estimates but plan promotional campaigns. This process involves choosing advertising channels, such as radio, television, and online marketing channels. Marketing managers also have to work closely with other stakeholders in the development of pricing strategies and promotional plans.

Your PhD in Marketing will make you far more competitive in the labor market and more likely to enter the career field you want. With it, you will have access to careers in cost estimation, survey research, or marketing management, among others.

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