Master of Advanced International Studies

Oct 07, 2019

This article contains information for those looking into applying for a master's of advanced international studies. It provides information on how long it takes to complete, entrance requirements, and descriptions of the types of courses you will take throughout the program.

A master of advanced international studies, or sometimes referred to as global studies, international relations or international affairs, can prepare students for careers in international relations, law, economics, politics, and history. Jobs can be found with international organizations, governments, businesses or you can choose to pursue an academic career.

Should I pursue a Master of Advanced International Studies?

A master of advanced international studies will take you about two years to complete depending on the program you choose. Some programs have options for different tracks you can take depending on how you want to specialize. Along with your courses, you will also attend seminars, do research for your thesis and go on study trips. Certain programs also have opportunities for professional internships. Some examples of courses can be seen below.

Conflict Resolution

Fostering skills in conflict resolution is important for you to learn when working in fields of international relations. This course will teach you to identify causes of conflict, how to manage conflict and which international organizations help in creating peace solutions. Negotiation tactics and mediation tactics are examples of some tools you will acquire.

International Relations

The world is constantly changing and advancing. In a course in international relations, you will explore how changes in technology, the environment, politics, and culture affect global powers. This course will prepare you to deal with what may arise in the future causing global ramifications.

International Law

In this course, you will study aspects of international law and how it affects countries' relationships with one another. You will explore the basics of forming, interpreting and enforcing policy, laws, and treaties. As well, you will look at the rule of law, human rights, environmental law, the law of the sea, international trade, and how countries reconstruct after conflict.

Foreign Policy

It is integral for students to have a thorough knowledge of foreign policy in the United States when working with other countries. This course will give you insight into the history and culture of the United States and how this shaped its foreign policy. It will also explore the role of the United States in today's world.

International Economics

Courses in international economics have you analyze the economies of other countries and compare them. You will learn how some countries' governments are more successful economically. Some of the main issues you will explore are inequality, trade, economic policy, democracy, and financial crisis.

What You Need to Apply for a Master of Advanced International Studies

If you are wanting to apply for a master of advanced international studies you will first need to have an undergraduate degree. You may be asked for your GRE and GMAT, or your IELTS and TOEFL marks. Minimum requirements for these vary depending on the program and school you apply to. To get into a master of advanced international studies you may also have to write a statement of purpose or an essay. You will likely be required to submit your transcripts, professional resume, and two to three letters of recommendation.

To apply for a master of advanced international studies, you will need to hold an undergraduate degree. You will study subjects related to international relations, foreign policy, and international law throughout a typical two-year program.

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