Master's Degree in Film Production: Salary & Jobs

May 31, 2020

A master's degree program in film production gives students the artistic and business skills needed to work in several different kinds of careers. Some of these careers may focus on the creation of a film or production, while others focus on the business and financial side of the project. Learn about a handful of the related careers for graduates who earn a master's degree in film production.

Related Careers for a Master's Degree in Film Production

Job Title Median Salary (May 2019)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Producers and Directors $74,420 5%
Art Directors $94,220 1%
Multimedia Artists and Animators $75,270 4%
Film and Video Editors $63,780 14%
Top Executives $104,690 6%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Descriptions

Producers and Directors

One of the more obvious career choices for graduates with a master's degree in film production is that of a producer or director. These professionals may choose to earn a master's degree to gain additional creative and/or business skills that help them create movies. Producers typically focus on the business side of a movie production by raising funds for the movie, hiring the crew and keeping the project within the budget. Directors oversee more of the creative decisions and work closely with the actors and crew members to create the desired story for the film.

Art Directors

Many art directors who move into managerial roles hold a master's degree, and those with a background in film production may choose to work as art directors on movie sets. Art directors in movie productions work closely with the director of the film to create and maintain a certain visual style throughout the movie. This means they must closely examine sets and costumes to ensure that the visual style is in line with the desired look and feel of the movie. These directors also oversee the work of designers and keep their portion of the project within the allotted budget.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Although most multimedia artists and animators only need a bachelor's degree, some students who are interested in art and film production may benefit from the storytelling and visual aesthetics skills learned in a master's degree program. These artists and animators can put those skills to use as they design models, animations and visual effects for movies. They typically use computer programs or illustrations for their creations and often work in teams to break up pieces of the project. In the case of a movie production, these professionals will likely work closely with the director to have all storyboards, animations and timelines approved.

Film and Video Editors

Similar to multimedia artists and animators, film and video editors usually only need a bachelor's degree, but they may benefit from some of the skills gained in a master's degree program in film production. Learning advanced artistic storytelling techniques can help these editors determine how best to capture and edit a particular shot to create the desired look and feel of the scene. These editors work closely with directors to determine how to improve a scene and what editing needs to occur. They also use editing software to organize the hours of available footage.

Top Executives

Many top executives hold a master's degree, and a master's degree program in film production may offer students the necessary background in business strategy that is needed to make it in the entertainment industry. Top executives can work in any organization that functions as a business, and therefore, may work for various film production companies or other organizations involved in movie projects. These professionals are responsible for overseeing the hiring of managers, developing policies and coordinating the daily operations of the organization. They keep an organization working towards its goals by managing the budget, analyzing the efficiency and implementing measures of improvement in various areas.

Graduates with a master's degree in film production can work several creative-oriented careers that are involved in making a movie, as well as business-oriented careers that help manage and fund productions. The handful of jobs discussed all reported median salaries greater than $60,000 for 2019 (per the BLS).

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