Master's in Educational Psychology: Jobs & Salary

Apr 06, 2018

Acquiring a master's in educational psychology prepares you for a job counseling and advising in the academic setting, with jobs that can involve work dealing with elementary school children to college level undergraduates.

A master's degree in educational psychology is a very specific degree tailored toward preparing students for a career in a school environment. Consequently, the majority of jobs you can expect to find are in advising and counseling roles from the elementary through the collegiate level.

Job Median Salary (April 2018)* Growth (2016-2026)**
School Psychologist $59,464 14%
Career Counselor $42,319 13%
Elementary School Psychologist $58,682 14%
Psychological Counselor $58,842 14%
High School Counselor $49,512 $13%

* **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Can You Do With a Master's in Educational Psychology?

A holder of a master's degree in educational psychology is typically equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for dealing with students from a wide range of grade levels. In an academic counseling role, you will be expected to tailor many of your abilities to the specific grade level at which you're working.

School Psychologist

As a school psychologist, you will be expected to address learning and behavioral problems by creating interventions and monitoring progress toward development goals. You will also regularly interact with family members and other educators in order to help a student reach their behavioral and learning goals. You will also engage with other professionals to identify the best interventions to use in improving the performance of students.

Career Counselor

Career counselors can be found in college and university settings. These counselors identify career paths for students and can also administer aptitude tests. Tests and counseling sessions can help counselors and students come together to set long term goals that will help them successfully enter their chosen career.

Elementary School Psychologist

Elementary school psychologists work specifically with elementary level students. Their responsibilities include conducting tests and assessments of students, counseling students when necessary and helping them achieve their educational goals. Elementary school psychologists are expected to be familiar with the administration, evaluation, and interpretation of tests that help provide insight into how to improve the achievement of a student.

University Psychological Counselor

A university psychological counselor provides mental health services in a university context. These individuals must fulfill a range of duties, including performing psychological assessments, creating learning strategies, and developing seminars for the campus. Counselors in university settings can expect to provide services to both students and faculty, provide referrals, and prepare documentation of services.

High School Counselor

A high school counselor specifically works in the high school environment and helps students to both be emotionally healthy and academically successful. These professionals are required to maintain accurate student records in adherence to legal and school requirements. High school counselors must evaluate student ability and performance, advise students on college admissions, and help students deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems.

A master's degree in educational psychology can prepare you for a role that is heavily oriented toward career advisement or also tailored toward providing counseling services. The requirements of the job role will also impact your anticipated salary.

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