Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling Programs Online

If you are looking for an online master's degree program in rehabilitation counseling, you have a large number to choose from. See more about what online coursework these programs require, along with the in-person practical requirements.

Individuals who are interested in specializing in a particular area of counseling may want to consider the field of rehabilitation counseling if they enjoy working with clients and patients who have various types of disabilities. There are a large number of master's degree programs in rehabilitation counseling that are offered online, which we will discuss in greater detail below.

Online Master's Degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling

Online master's degrees in rehabilitation counseling are typically offered as Master of Science degrees and can usually be completed in two or three years, sometimes on a part-time basis. In addition to completing the online coursework, students will likely be required to complete some type of in-person fieldwork experience in their local area, like an internship or practicum, in order to practice the concepts and skills they've learned. Some programs may also include other on-campus requirements, like attending a short course on campus in order to fulfill clinical requirements. Below we will look at some online courses that are commonly taught in these programs.

Theories in Counseling

In this foundational course, students will learn about a variety of different counseling theories and how they can be applied in different situations and with different patients. The course will likely include discussion and role-playing in which students attempt to use the different theoretical approaches when providing counseling. The course may also focus specifically on counseling theories that apply to the field of rehabilitation counseling.

Medical Aspects of Disabilities

In this course, students will study different types of disabilities from a medical perspective. They will learn the proper medical terminology used to describe different disabilities and also study the process by which they are diagnosed. Students will also examine specific disabilities in detail in order to understand the progression of the disability, what types of factors can influence this progression, and what types of problems or limitations an individual with this disability may face.

Introduction and Foundations of Rehabilitation

This course is a common component in a master's degree program in rehabilitation counseling, since it introduces students to the concepts of human rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation. Students will study the idea of rehabilitation from a variety of different perspectives, like legal and philosophical. They will also look at the different actors, both governmental and private, that operate in some capacity within the world of rehabilitation counseling.

Career Development

A course in career development is a common part of a rehabilitation counseling program, and it focuses on how people with disabilities function within the labor market and how successful they are in jobs. Students will learn about various theories related to job placement and how people select careers, as well as the relationships that exist between education and work. Students will focus on how individuals with disabilities are treated while at work and may learn about different companies and organizations that have committed to being a friendly workplace for an individual with a disability.

Psychiatric Disabilities

This course focuses specifically on various types of psychiatric disabilities and the impact that they have. Students may focus on how these psychiatric disabilities affect a person's ability to receive an education, live independently, and be a functioning member of society. The class will also likely cover how treatment options for these types of disabilities may differ and what a realistic view of recovery looks like.

Admission Requirements for Online Master's Degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling

Students should keep in mind that admission requirements for these programs may vary depending on the school. However, in order to enroll in an online master's degree in rehabilitation counseling program, you will always need a bachelor's degree. Students will also typically need to submit their undergraduate transcripts, a completed application form, a fee, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Some programs may also require that students have one or two years of working experience before being eligible for admission, while other programs may be specifically designed for professionals who are already working in the field of counseling and are seeking additional training.

Online master's degrees in rehabilitation counseling are widely available and combine online coursework with in-person practical experiences, which students can complete in their local areas. Prior counseling experience may be required to apply to online rehabilitation counseling graduate programs.

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