MBA in Strategic Management: Jobs & Salary

Jun 04, 2019

There are several high-paying jobs that are available for those who have an MBA in Strategic Management. Find out more about specific duties and responsibilities in this article.

Individuals with a master's of business administration (MBA) degree, with a concentration in strategic management, can pursue many careers. Most of these jobs fulfill executive or advisory roles and have a positive outlook for the next several years.

Jobs and Salaries for Those with an MBA in Strategic Management

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2016 - 2026)*
Chief Operating Officer $104,980 (Top Executives) 8% (Top Executives)
Investment Fund Manager $127,990 (Financial Managers) 19% (Financial Managers)
Management Analyst $83,610 14%
Operations Manager $100,930 (General and Operations Managers) 9% (General and Operations Managers
Human Resources Specialist $60,880 7%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Description of Careers in Strategic Management

Chief Operating Officer

A chief operating officer (COO) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company. He or she develops business strategies that will grow the company and make it profitable. Also, the COO communicates with managers to ensure that they have the necessary resources and man-power to achieve their goals. Course topics in the MBA program that prepare graduates for this role could include managerial economics and decision making.

Investment Fund Manager

An investment fund manager researches stocks and bonds and determines which ones are suitable for an investment fund. He or she sets an investment strategy for clients and makes decisions regarding their money. Also, the fund manager prepares reports for clients. MBA courses related to financial strategy and business decisions can help those leaning towards this type of position.

Management Analyst

A management analyst evaluates a company's structure and recommends changes that will improve the efficiency of the company. There are courses within the strategic management concentration focusing on competitive business strategies that can help management analysts provide advice regarding profitability and cost reduction. The analyst's goal is to increase revenue, make the company more attractive to outside investments, and establish connections with new markets.

Operations Manager

An operations manager supervises several departments in a company. He or she creates policies and coordinates daily activities, with the goal of making the operations of the company smooth and timely. Another function of the operations manager is to determine how to use materials and employees. One course topic in the MBA program that can help operations managers is managing business operations.

Human Resources Specialist

A human resource specialist finds workers for a company. During this process, he or she interviews potential employees and places them in the right positions. Another function of the specialist is dealing with other work-related issues, such as compensation, benefits, and training. Most specialists travel to recruitment events to attract workers. MBA courses like negotiations and bargaining can benefit these specialists.

Graduates of an MBA in Strategic Management program are eligible for many careers in management with high salaries in a growing market. These jobs are rewarding and respected for their essential purpose, as well as their importance in relation to other jobs at a company or organization.

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