MBA & MHA Dual Degree Programs Online

Jul 17, 2019

Discover some basic information about online MBA/MHA dual degree programs. Check out some common course and admission requirements typically found in these programs to see if this is the right choice for you.

An MBA/MHA dual degree program combines the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Healthcare Administration degrees. These programs are sometimes offered online and often have similar course and admission requirements.

Essentials of Online MBA/MHA Dual Degree Programs

Online MBA/MHA dual degree programs typically require around 55 to 70 credits. Students can choose from a set of core courses and elective courses, but there are several courses that are common to these programs, including the following.

Business Analytics

In this course, students learn about statistical methods and visualization methods. Several types of software are used in the class, including Excel, XLMiner, and Tableau. The goal is to use new business data effectively.

Health Care Law

In this course, students will spend time familiarizing themselves with different aspects of health care law. Students will be expected to understand the relationship between the legal and health care worlds, with an emphasis on public policy and ethics.

Managerial Accounting

This course deals with management accounting information and how managers use this type of data to make decisions. Students will analyze financial reports, such as statements of cash flow and balance sheets, and use them to plan actions for the company. This class is also geared toward improving the student's business lexicon.

Organizational Theory

The structure of an organization and the interactions within the organization are covered in this course. The interactions between people, groups, and environment are studied. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of the company.

Health Care Leadership

In this course, students develop leadership skills and conflict resolution skills. Organizational behavioral theories are presented to the class. Several causes of change in an organization are studied, and the effective leadership approaches to them are taught to students. One of the main issues covered in a health care leadership course is the significance of a diverse workforce.

Ethical Issues in Health Care

The ethical issues that arise in the care and treatment of patients is covered in this course. Controversial health care topics are presented to the class, such as abortion and euthanasia. Additional topics include ethical theories, managerial ethics, and the consequences of limited medical resources.

Program Admission Requirements

The admission process for a dual MBA/MHA degree is similar to that of other graduate degree programs. First, an application must be filled out and sent to the business school, along with payment for the application fee. On the application, the dual degree option should be selected, so your application will then be sent on to the MHA program as well. Most colleges request college transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal statement. The GMAT and GRE scores may be required or optional, and some colleges waiver this requirement. Some colleges may require applicants to have professional work experience.

In summary, the MBA/MHA dual degree program consists of two degrees in one, and students can earn this type of degree quicker than earning two individual master's degrees separately. There are many common courses in these programs, including those that cover topics in ethics, health care leadership, and managerial accounting.

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