MFA Dance Programs in Florida

Apr 11, 2019

For those looking to further their dance studies in Florida, there are two notable colleges to choose from, each with a unique approach to the dance industry.

A graduate degree in dance allows students to further pursue their knowledge and experience in the choreography and dance industry. In Florida, there a few unique dance programs from which individuals can choose.

Florida Schools Offering Graduate Programs in Dance

Florida State University

At Florida State University, there are three different graduate-level programs that students can choose from. First, there is an MFA program designed for individuals that have recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in dance or for other dance professionals seeking a graduate degree. There are also two MA options, which either center around studio and related studies or American dance studies. Students in all graduate programs get the opportunity to interact with each other on a daily basis.

The MFA program at Florida State helps prepare students for the physical aspects of dancing. The curriculum covers a wide selection of dance skills including different dance techniques, visual design, musical inquiry, and dance science. Throughout this program, students are also required to complete a culminating thesis project, which allows them to reflect on their choreographic and performance work.

The MA in Dance (Studio and Related Studies) program allows students to research the diverse areas of dance beyond an everyday studio setting. Individuals are allowed to select the areas of dance that they want to center their personal goals around, allowing this program to be much more independent and self-driven.

The MA in Dance (American Dance Studies) program is centered more around the research and studies of historical movements in dance. This program also consists of a diverse selection of dance cultures across the Americas. Similar to the other graduate programs, this MA is designed to prepare students for future careers or continued studies in areas of dance.

Jacksonville University

The MFA program offered at Jacksonville University is a low-residency program that takes two years to complete. It focuses on choreography and creating new dances in a variety of genres. Every year, the program begins with a six-week summer intensive portion, which is where the low-residency part comes in. During this time, students will need to be in class from 9 to 5 with a one-hour lunch break in the middle.

After those first six weeks, students are still able to come together on a digital platform to work with their peers and mentors from any location. Students are not required to purchase any additional software to be able to use these programs.

Even though the fall and spring semesters are primarily non-residency, students are required to schedule one week in either to work with their professor. This week gives students the chance to teach choreography to undergraduate students in order to help graduate students gain some experience.

Program Admittance Requirements

To apply for a graduate degree in dance, an audition is typically required. Each college lists the audition dates on their website, as well as a deadline to sign up by. Since dance programs require a lot of in-person practices and rehearsals, students must also be able to commit to future dates, similar to the audition.

Students are also expected to have already completed a bachelor's degree in a related field, so a transcript must be included with the application. Typically, a 3.0 GPA or above is what most dance programs look for. Once all preliminary portions of the application process are complete, all students need to complete the online application.

Each graduate dance program in Florida offers unique skills and lessons for students looking to further their dance knowledge. The workload may be more intense than other majors, but it greatly prepares students for future careers in this industry.

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