Meaningful & Rewarding Business Careers

Jan 18, 2020

Business professionals seeking a meaningful and rewarding career may opt for businesses such as charities and hospitals, which focus on improving the lives of others. This article reviews several positions often found within those fields and others.

Career Options for Meaningful and Rewarding Business Careers

What a person considers to be meaningful or rewarding may vary from individual to individual. Those who want to pursue a meaningful and rewarding business career may choose to focus more on the type of employer they work with or what their business involves. They may find it rewarding and meaningful to know that they can help a non-profit company manage their finances effectively; working with products that improve people's health or their lives may also be a motivating factor for some business professionals.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Job Growth* (2018-2028)
Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives, Technical and Scientific Products $79,680 4%
Financial Managers $127,990 16%
Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents $64,120 4%
Personal Financial Advisors $88,890 7%
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $132,620 8%
Fundraisers $56,950 9%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Meaningful and Rewarding Business Careers

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives, Technical and Scientific Products

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives who work with technical and scientific materials will need a bachelor's degree before entering this career field. Their work involves representing manufacturers and arranging contracts with retailers that will sell those products. Those who work with technical and scientific materials may be involved in training sales staff to use the products, or educating them about how the products work. This has the potential to be a meaningful and rewarding business career option because these sales representatives have an opportunity to ensure that things like medical equipment reach consumers, and when they are able to do this effectively they may feel rewarded by their role in ensuring that lives have been improved through access to things like assistive or medical products.

Financial Managers

Financial managers oversee a company's finances. Their goal is to make sure that the organization they work for has strong financial plans in place. This can involve developing investments or analyzing the company's financial data to ensure that it is accurate. Financial managers typically enter this type of role after several years of working in business, and they must have a bachelor's degree. They may find this to be a rewarding and meaningful career option because their position allows them to ensure that financial obligations are met and that their organization does not make reckless financial decisions. Their role can help ensure that a company continues to operate through strong financial management.

Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents

Entry-level jobs in this field require a bachelor's degree; a master's degree may be required for promotion. Securities, commodities and financial sales agents are involved in the sale and purchase of things like stocks and oil. They may also review investment options to determine the best strategies for investors. Their work can be instrumental in helping corporations or individuals secure their financial investments, and they may find it rewarding to help people build up their investments so that they can afford retirement or work with companies to help ensure they have good investments that will support their business operations.

Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisers work specifically with individuals and families. They help people determine how to invest their money or how to achieve specific financial goals. Business professionals in this field may find it very rewarding and meaningful to help people save for their children's education or to help people prepare for their retirement. They can also help people manage their taxes. A bachelor's degree is required, although certification and graduate studies may help improve job prospects in this field.

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Advertising, promotions and marketing managers are professionals who have a bachelor's degree and work on developing sales strategies for goods. They may find it rewarding to develop an effective marketing campaign that helps their company meet their sales targets for a product. It's also possible to work in this field and promote causes or political legislation; marketing managers may work with public relations specialists to develop strategies that will influence public perception.


Fundraisers work to raise funds for organizations. They promote the organization's objectives and operations in an attempt to solicit financial support from donors, and they may also host charity events or other fundraising campaigns. They must have a bachelor's degree, and they may find this work meaningful and rewarding if they are able to raise sufficient funds to support a charity or organization that has objectives they support. For example, they may work to raise funds for a charity that supports medical research or that provides services to people with disabilities.

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