Medical Biophysics Courses

Oct 04, 2019

This article discusses medical biophysics as an undergraduate degree program and lists some subjects and admission requirements included. Career outlook and median salary information are also highlighted in this article to provide further information on the medical biophysics degree.

Overview of Medical Biophysics Programs

The medical biophysics program is one that can help prepare students for further study in medicine or for a research path. This program is an amalgamation of biology, physics, math and chemistry as fundamentals, combined with the study of technological innovations in the research and development of new medical devices and treatments. Students can expect involvement in various research projects.

Admission Requirements for Medical Biophysics Programs

Students must have completed three to four years of English, math and science coursework in high school. The submission of high school transcripts, as well as SAT/ACT scores, is mandatory. Selected exams such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and GCE A-Level and AS-Level exams may be awarded credit. A letter of recommendation may also be required depending on the institution applied for. A minimum of 89 semester hours are required to complete the degree.

Medical Biophysics Program Coursework

The courses that make up the medical biophysics curriculum entail extensions of biology, chemistry and physics as well as mathematics courses in line with the use of technology. Below are some courses to be taken as part of this degree program.


Students are introduced to molecular genetics and will learn about its application. Mutation, transmission of genes and chromosomes and expression of genetic material will be discussed. This course will delve into the elements of genetic engineering and provide information on evolutionary genetics.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry analyzes the properties of organic compounds. This course includes laboratory work on the composition of representative organic compounds. Students will also focus on stereochemistry, learning about the arrangement of atoms. Reactive mechanisms of organic compounds will be further discussed.

Quantum Mechanics

Both historical knowledge and present quantum mechanics theories are unified. Students learn about electrons, atoms, molecules, photons, nuclei and quanta, among others. Quantum mechanics is used to explain the occurrences of modern physics. Theories such as the Schrodinger equation, three-dimensional quantum mechanics and Dirac formalism are explained.


Biochemistry explores the macromolecular form and detail. This course focuses on information transfer from genes to proteins. It also highlights the pathway regulation for intermediary metabolism. Students will focus on the structure of protein and nucleic acid, enzyme movements and the chemistry of lipids and carbohydrates.

Electricity and Magnetism

This course will highlight the principles of electricity and magnetic fields. Charge, current and the movement of electrostatic current will be discussed. Students will learn about the magnetic and electric behaviors of matter. Laboratory work might be required in this course as part of the practical application.

How to Choose a Medical Biophysics Program

Students should enroll in an institution that provides the proper medical focus as part of a biophysics program. If they would like to continue on a research path, students should opt for a university that has a research department, or has a curriculum that is structured to accommodate a research portion.

Career Options with a Medical Biophysics Degree

The medical biophysics program allows students to have a research career as well as expansion into the medical field after further studies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median annual pay for biophysicists and biochemists was $93,280 as of May 2018. Below are some of the career options for those with a medical biophysics degree.

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