Military Intelligence Jobs in the Air Force

Jul 15, 2018

This article explores Air Force intelligence jobs that play a vital role in supplying our military with crucial information about foreign militaries. We will discuss the responsibilities for each job.

The Air Force jobs we'll review retrieve intelligence information from many different sources. We will explore the types of information each job collects and how it is processed. We will explain additional responsibilities for each job.

Career Comparison

Job Title Monthly Base Pay (2018)* Applicable Skills
Geospatial Intelligence Analyst $1,514.70 (E-1) Attention to Details, Presentation Skills
Signals Intelligence Analyst $1,514.70 (E-1) Attention to Detail, Written Communications
Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operator $1,514.70 (E-1) Strong Analysis Skills, Attention to Detail
All Source Intelligence Analyst $1,514.70 (E-1) Written and Oral Communications, Organizational Skills
Intelligence Officer $3,107.70 (O-1) Organizational Skills, Analysis Skills

Source: *Department of Finance & Accounting Services

Military Intelligence Jobs in the Air Force

Intelligence plays a vital role in supplying our military with crucial information from foreign sources needed to defend our nation and our troops. The jobs below range for geospatial to all-source intelligence. We will explain each career and its responsibilities.

Geospatial Intelligence Analyst

Geospatial intelligence analyst is an enlisted position in the Air Force that is responsible for analyzing images from satellites, remote vehicles, and places that provide data based on location. Airmen in this position analyze images to identify and evaluate threats. Their intelligence duties include developing and distributing multi-sensor imagery in support of the Air Force's missions. In addition, they are responsible for creating and disseminating intelligence reports.

Signals Intelligence Analyst

The signals intelligence analyst is responsible for interpreting foreign intelligence activity for the Air Force. They retrieve and analyze foreign communications from electromagnetic emissions. These communications, which may include suspect activity, are reported in tactical, strategic, and combat reports. These reports are distributed to the appropriate Air Force commanders.

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operator

The enlisted airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operator manages ISR information they intercept while onboard Air Force aircraft. The operator identifies, records, analyzes, and reports the ISR information they retrieve from aircraft sensors. They operate the intelligence systems and mission equipment they are assigned to. They use workstations, graphs, recording devices, and radio receivers on different types of tactical and strategic ISR platforms.

All Source Intelligence Analyst

The primary focus of the enlisted all source intelligence analyst is to manage intelligence activities from all sources available to them. They evaluate, analyze, provide, and develop intelligence details.

The all source intelligence analyst produces intelligence studies and reports including all source intelligence, order-of-battle research, and situation estimates. They debrief military personnel who were involved in combat. They serve as advisors to Air Force commanders on intelligence data and how to protect our troops.

Intelligence Officer

The intelligence officer is a commissioned position in the Air Force in charge of intelligence information such as signals, human, signature, and imagery. The intelligence officer gathers, produces, and distributes threat information received from foreign militaries. They coordinate intelligence budget, programs, and resources. In addition, they serve as advisers and liaisons to government authorities and commanders of the Air Force.

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