Military Jobs Overseas for Veterans

Jan 02, 2019

For veterans who relish the opportunity to travel and perhaps earn a premium for their skills, overseas work offers opportunities. Discover overseas jobs for veterans.

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Veterans may find that they can earn a generous wage overseas in a number of critical fields. Below are five career opportunities.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Interpreters and Translators $46,120 18% Experience as an interpreter, translator, or signals interpreter
Logisticians $74,170 7% Performed active duty logistics, supply, or inventory management
Information Security Analysts $92,600 28% Maintenance and security of secret and higher communications and signals
General and Operations Managers $99,310 9% Officer level experience managing facilities, personnel, or departments
Computer and Information Systems Managers $135,800 12% Development and execution of secure computer and network systems

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; the salaries presented here are for U.S. based jobs and may not reflect salaries for their overseas counterparts

Overseas Civilian Jobs for Veterans

There are a number of jobs overseas in which veterans are in high demand. Many of them have to do with security, particularly communications networks, and operational security. Because of often volatile circumstances, and the fact that security clearance is often required, these may be careers in which veterans have an advantage.

Interpreters and Translators

Veterans with the appropriate language skills may find this a good career choice. Overseas operations often have a need for interpreters and translators, and veterans may have a number of opportunities in this field.

Interpreters work with speech, providing services to interpret during interviews, lectures, or to monitor radio and television broadcasts. Translators work with the written word and may translate contracts, written journalism, or other written materials. A bachelor's degree and fluency are required.


Companies working overseas often have many challenges with logistics. Veterans who have had experience working with long supply chains could have an advantage in this career.

Logisticians manage and coordinate supply chains from start to finish. They analyze the need for parts, components, and tools, and then organize deliveries and shipments to have all of those goods delivered where they are needed in a timely fashion. They also plan and coordinate the shipping of finished products to the end users wherever they may be. This position requires a bachelor's degree.

Information Security Analysts

Veterans who have experience with cyber security will find many opportunities in this field. Military communications and computer systems require high levels of security, and military standards are perceived to be some of the most rigorous. This may give veterans an edge over the competition in this career.

Information security analysts ensure that computer systems are safe and secure. They perform analysis on systems to determine if best practices security protocols are in place. They monitor systems constantly to identify potential threats and weaknesses. They also carry out tests and authorize planned attacks upon their own systems to identify weak points. This position requires a bachelor's degree.

General and Operations Managers

This career may be suitable for military veterans whose active duty experience was at the officer level, particularly officers who were in charge of planning, operations, or facilities. It is a management position which may require security clearance, which is an advantage for veterans who have obtained clearance.

General and operations managers oversee many different functions within a company. They are often responsible for working with and supporting other departments. These managers may help to formulate policies within the company, as well as manage operations on a day-to-day basis. They may take responsibility for the assignment and schedule of personnel as well as the use of materials and equipment. A bachelor's degree and experience is required.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Veteran officers with experience in information technology may do well in this position. Military assignments similar to Navy officer information professional (IP) are likely to be seen as a good background for this career.

Computer and information systems managers are responsible for all of the computer systems and projects within an organization. It is their responsibility to consult with other managers to determine upcoming needs and the overall goals of the organization. They plan and coordinate to ensure that the hardware, software, networks, and personnel are in place to execute those plans. This position requires extensive proven experience and a bachelor's degree.

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