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Apr 26, 2018

There are a number of different online high school options available to students who live in the state of Minnesota. We will look at a few of these options in greater detail in this article by covering course offerings, unique features, and graduation requirements.

Students who are interested in pursuing their secondary education in a non-traditional setting can do so by enrolling in an online high school. Below, we will look at some of the options students who live in Minnesota have if they want to complete an online program.

Online High Schools in Minnesota

The table provides a list of five different online high school programs available in Minnesota, along with some relevant details regarding unique features about the schools.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Courses offered for dual college credit
Minnesota Online High School Public Honors courses, accelerated summer courses, wide variety of courses
Minnesota Virtual High School Public Special education, variety of elective courses
Minnesota Connections Academy Public Career technical courses, honors and AP courses, college planning program, extracurricular activities
BlueSky Online School Public Career academies, summer school, dual college enrollment options

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Description of Online Schools for Minnesota Students

Parents and students will likely want to consider a number of different factors when determining which program suits their interests best, as some schools offer more courses than others, have varying requirements, and may facilitate their virtual courses differently. Below, we will look at the five schools in greater detail in order to help students and parents make the choice that best suits their needs.

View High School

View High School is an online secondary education program that is offered to students around the United States, so students living in Minnesota would be able to enroll. Students at View High School have a number of different enrollment options, depending on their needs. For students who would like to complete an entire academic year online, they can select the 12-month enrollment option, while other students may find that the 3- or 6-month programs are better for them. It is also possible to enroll in a single course, which may work for students who are lacking credits or want to complete high school on a non-traditional timeline. Students at View High School receive personalized instruction and also have the opportunity to earn college credit for some of the courses they take.

Minnesota Online High School

Minnesota Online High School is one of the state's tuition-free public school options. Students take courses over 16-week periods and also have the option of completing courses over the summer in only 8 weeks, which may be an attractive option to students who either need to catch up or who are trying to finish high school more quickly than usual. This program offers students a wide number of courses to choose from, both in their core curriculum courses and elective options. For example, students who need to fulfill mathematics requirements can select from courses like discrete math, applied statistics, and sketchpad geometry in addition to more traditional offerings like algebra and pre-calculus. Some elective courses include Chinese, elements of music, video production, graphic arts, and student leadership.

Minnesota Virtual High School

Minnesota Virtual High School is another tuition-free online option for students in Minnesota. In this program, students have complete flexibility, as they are not required to ever be online at a certain time and can move entirely at their own pace, though it is still recommended that students follow the schedule created by an instructor. In addition to standard core curriculum courses, this program offers a number of unique electives, like sociology, forensic science, digital photography, anatomy, and astronomy. Minnesota Virtual High School also offers a special education program in which courses are offered directly to eligible students who are assisted by a paraprofessional.

Minnesota Connections Academy

At Minnesota Connections Academy, high-achieving students will likely enjoy the large number of honors and Advanced Placement course offerings available to them. In addition to these courses, Minnesota Connections Academy offers a wide variety of on-level courses, as well as courses designed to prepare students for future careers through the Career Technical Education program. Some of these courses cover medical assisting, Java programming, medical terminology, and marketing. In addition to academics, students who enroll in this program can participate in a number of extracurricular activities, including college and career preparatory clubs, art club, and literacy club.

BlueSky Online

BlueSky Online is a public and tuition-free high school program for Minnesota students that meets all of the state education requirements. Students can select from a wide variety of core courses and electives. Students who complete certain elective courses in a focused career area can receive special recognition when they graduate as part of the BlueSky Career Academies program. For example, a student who takes the health careers, nursing assistant certification, nutrition and wellness, and psychology courses will be recognized as having completed the Health Career Academy. Other options include Music Career Academy, Culinary Arts Career Academy, and Business Career Academy. BlueSky also offers courses in 6-week sessions over the summer, and high school students have the option of enrolling in local colleges and universities to receive dual credit while enrolled at BlueSky.

State Regulations for Online Schools in Minnesota

The five schools listed above are all approved by the state of Minnesota. However, students are still responsible for making sure they meet the state's graduation requirements by completing enough courses in the appropriate subject areas. To graduate from high school in Minnesota, a student must complete four credits of language arts, three credits of science, three credits of mathematics, three and a half credits of social studies, one credit of arts, and seven electives.

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