Mobile Business Intelligence (BI)

Mobile business intelligence (BI) refers to the display of business intelligence data on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are a few main factors regarding the success of business intelligence within organizations.

1) How easy is it to get widespread adoption of dashboards?

2) How does access to data through BI dashboards impact the company's bottom line?

Dashboard Adoption

When dashboards are accessible and easy to understand, it's much easier to get widespread adoption within an organization. Dashboards are also most useful when viewers can easily get the information they want at a high level and, if necessary, further drill down at a granular level.

Different permission settings also help with adoption of dashboards. You want people to have access to the dashboards they will use, and you don't want dashboards they won't use cluttering up and preventing adoption of the ones they will.

Impact on the Company's Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the success of business intelligence within an organization will be its impact on the company's bottom line. If people are making good decisions based on the data that BI dashboards provide, the returns from the investments in business intelligence will be huge.

Real-time BI dashboards help people in organizations catch deviations from the norm much earlier than before. As a result, people can detect and solve issues quicker which directly results in cost savings to organizations.

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