MOS 3043 Civilian Jobs

Supply chain administration and operations specialists have extensive experience in supply chain management. This experience makes them good candidates for a number of civilian jobs. Explore opportunities for 3043 veterans.

Managing supply chains is no small task. In the Marine Corps, the military occupational specialty code 3043 refers to supply chain administration and operations specialists. 3043 veterans may find a number of job opportunities waiting for them in the civilian workforce. We'll explore of a few of these careers below.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Administrative Services Managers $90,050 10% Management of complex supply chains, anticipation and prevention of disruptions
Logisticians $74,170 7% Experience planning and executing delivery and inventory
Budget Analysts $73,840 7% Production of inventory and shipping reports
Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and Purchasing Agents $64,850 -3% Experience with purchasing, managing, recording
Material Recording Clerks $26,820 4% Stockroom, record keeping, and supply experience from active duty

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Careers for Marine Corps 3043 Veterans

Marine Corps 3043 manage the entire supply chain. They handle the purchasing, delivery, tracking, inventory, and delivery of goods within the Marines. Experience gained can be valuable in the civilian world. The experience of 3043 veterans in the following careers is likely to give them an edge over other job seekers.

Administrative Services Managers

Experience gained managing and working with all aspects of the supply chain, as supply chain administration and operations specialists do, could be a good start to this career. Marine Corps 3043 workers engage with a large number of people and processes in multiple departments and varied commands. They must integrate material provision smoothly on a daily basis. This experience may provide an advantage compared to other candidates.

Administrative services managers are responsible for the supportive services within businesses, governments and other enterprises. They must plan, direct, and implement a number of critical tasks. These may include facilities management, supply purchases and coordination, managing mail and other activities. This career requires a bachelor's degree.


This is a natural fit for 3043 veterans. Their active duty experience is primarily focused on working within and managing supply chains for the Marine Corps. Hands-on experience in a mission-critical environment is likely to give 3043 veterans an edge over other job seekers.

Logisticians are responsible for planning, directing, and organizing the shipment and delivery of goods and services. Logisticians often work with long supply chains across multiple regions and time zones. Bringing the correct parts together in the correct quantity at the correct time is a skill unto itself. They also manage the distribution of finished products to the final user. Candidates interested in pursuing this career require a bachelor's degree.

Budget Analysts

Preparing inventory and shipping reports, and managing budgets for purchasing, is part of the skill set developed by 3043 veterans. Experience with analysis and reporting may give veterans an edge over other job seekers.

Budget analysts oversee and manage the finances of institutions, particularly with regard to cash flow. They gather data and provide analysis to other managers in the organization in order to maintain financial health and productivity. Part of their job description is the preparation of financial reports and recording upon which business decisions will be based. In order to work in this career a bachelor's degree is required.

Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and Purchasing Agents

Some 3043 veterans may feel that they already have the complete skill set required for these positions. It is not surprising, because purchasing is part of the supply chain maintenance function performed daily by Marine Corps 3043. This experience may prove invaluable and allow veterans to stand out from others in the job market.

Purchasing agents track and manage the purchases of organizations. Buyers are responsible for making the acquisitions, a process that often includes negotiations and contracts. Purchasing managers oversee the work of buyers and agents to insure accuracy and quality. Purchasing is an important part of the supply chain. To work in this field a bachelor's degree is required.

Material Recording Clerks

This job is likely to be available to veterans immediately upon leaving the service. Their work as 3043 Marine Corps may well have provided them with the complete set of skills and experience necessary to work in this position. As such, they may have an edge over other job seekers.

Material recording clerks track and record inventory, monitoring delivery schedules and scheduling deliveries and pickups. They perform record keeping duties and inventory control. This position does not require college experience.

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