MS & MBA Dual Degree

Aug 12, 2019

Learn about several types of dual Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degree programs that will allow you to earn two different degrees in the fields of science and business.

Dual degree programs allow you to earn two degrees, usually at a faster pace than earning them separately. A common degree that makes up one part of dual degree program is the Master of Business Administration. This business management degree is often paired with a Master of Science degree in the field of science or another business-related field. In this article, we will take a close look at several dual MS & MBA degree programs, including their credits, coursework, and admission requirements.

MS & MBA Dual Degree Program Types

MS in Computer Science & MBA

For those who want to mix business and science, you can earn dual degrees in computer science and business. The Master of Science in Computer Science is a degree that focuses on the study of computer programming and software engineering. For the MS part of your dual degree, you could take courses on databases, algorithms, and operating systems. And for your MBA, you could study areas such as economics and decision analysis. The number of credits or units needed to earn both degrees will depend on your specific program with some requiring about 68 semester-credits split between the two degrees and others requiring 129 quarter-units. The length of this program type will also vary, but expect to spend 2-3 years earning your degrees.

MS in Biomedical Engineering & MBA

Another option for those who want to explore both science and business is a dual degree program that will earn you a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA. These programs will require around 72-76 credits total and could include a capstone project or an internship. You can usually earn both degrees in about 2 years. For your MS in Biomedical Engineering, you could take a range of different classes that center on such topics as biomechanics, genomics, and cellular biophysics.

MS in Finance & MBA

If you want to stay within the realm of business, you could pair your MBA degree with a Master of Science in Finance. The number of credits needed to earn these two degrees will vary by program and range from about 57 to 72 credits. Your coursework for the finance degree will usually include classes on financial management, risk management, and value creation. You will also need to take core MBA courses as well. The format of this dual program type will also vary. Some programs will allow you to complete your degrees online, some will be on-campus only, and some will allow you to attend part-time.

MS in Accounting & MBA

Another way to get a dual degree in the field of business is by earning a Master of Science in Accounting with an MBA. Programs of this type will require around 45-60 credits with the exact number dependent on your specific program, lasting from 15 months to about 2 years. Your coursework for this dual program will typically include accounting classes that center on taxation, auditing, and financial reporting, while your MBA coursework might include topics on organizational behavior and marketing.

Entrance Requirements for Dual MS & MBA Programs

Specific entrance requirements for dual MS & MBA programs will always depend on the specific university to which you are applying. However, there are some common application materials, which include an application, transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a resume. Most programs will also require that you submit GMAT or GRE scores and that you have taken either of these tests within the last five years. You will also need to already have earned a bachelor's degree, and for many programs, there is no requirement as to the type of undergraduate degree held.

You have several choices for earning a dual Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degree, such as pairing your business degree with those in the fields of computer science/engineering, or combining with a specific area of business. These programs usually have similar entrance requirements and tend to span 2-3 years.

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